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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package power
import (
pmpb "chromiumos/system_api/power_manager_proto"
const powerdJob = "powerd"
// PowerManagerEmitter is used to emit signals on behalf of power manager over D-Bus.
// For detailed spec of each D-Bus signal, please find
// src/platform2/power_manager/dbus_bindings/org.chromium.PowerManager.xml
type PowerManagerEmitter struct{} // NOLINT
// NewPowerManagerEmitter stops the real power manager.
func NewPowerManagerEmitter(ctx context.Context) (*PowerManagerEmitter, error) {
if err := upstart.StopJob(ctx, powerdJob); err != nil {
return nil, errors.Wrapf(err, "unable to stop the %s service", powerdJob)
return &PowerManagerEmitter{}, nil
// Stop restarts the real power manager.
func (*PowerManagerEmitter) Stop(ctx context.Context) error {
if err := upstart.RestartJob(ctx, powerdJob); err != nil {
return errors.Wrapf(err, "unable to start the %s service", powerdJob)
return nil
// EmitPowerSupplyPoll emits PowerSupplyPoll D-Bus signal.
func (p *PowerManagerEmitter) EmitPowerSupplyPoll(ctx context.Context, msg *pmpb.PowerSupplyProperties) error {
return p.emitEvent(ctx, msg, SignalPowerSupplyPoll)
// EmitSuspendImminent emits SuspendImminent D-Bus signal.
func (p *PowerManagerEmitter) EmitSuspendImminent(ctx context.Context, msg *pmpb.SuspendImminent) error {
return p.emitEvent(ctx, msg, SignalSuspendImminent)
// EmitDarkSuspendImminent emits DarkSuspendImminent D-Bus signal.
func (p *PowerManagerEmitter) EmitDarkSuspendImminent(ctx context.Context, msg *pmpb.SuspendImminent) error {
return p.emitEvent(ctx, msg, SignalDarkSuspendImminent)
// EmitSuspendDone emits SuspendDone D-Bus signal.
func (p *PowerManagerEmitter) EmitSuspendDone(ctx context.Context, msg *pmpb.SuspendDone) error {
return p.emitEvent(ctx, msg, SignalSuspendDone)
func (*PowerManagerEmitter) emitEvent(ctx context.Context, msg proto.Message, eventName string) error {
watcher, err := NewSignalWatcher(ctx, eventName)
if err != nil {
return err
defer watcher.Close(ctx)
arg, err := proto.Marshal(msg)
if err != nil {
return errors.Wrap(err, "unable to marshal proto to byte array")
var argAsStrings []string
for _, v := range arg {
argAsStrings = append(argAsStrings, fmt.Sprintf("0x%02x", v))
data := "array:byte:" + strings.Join(argAsStrings, ",")
args := []string{"-u", "power", "--", "dbus-send", "--sender=" + dbusInterface, "--system", "--type=signal", dbusPath, dbusInterface + "." + eventName, data}
// TODO( Remove polling and waiting for signals.
return testing.Poll(ctx, func(ctx context.Context) error {
if err := testexec.CommandContext(ctx, "sudo", args...).Run(testexec.DumpLogOnError); err != nil {
return testing.PollBreak(errors.Wrap(err, "unable to emit event using dbus-send"))
select {
case sig := <-watcher.Signals:
// Check if arguments are identical.
if v, ok := sig.Body[0].([]byte); !ok || !bytes.Equal(v, arg) {
return testing.PollBreak(errors.Wrapf(err, "signal argument did not match: got %v; want %v", v, arg))
return nil
case <-time.After(5 * time.Second):
testing.ContextLog(ctx, "dbus-send failed to send signal")
return errors.New("dbus-send failed to send signal")
}, &testing.PollOptions{Timeout: 30 * time.Second})