Revert "tast-tests: stabilize crostini fixtures"

This reverts commit bbe9e00691a647d10acbd7b54e1eddddbe5143ad.

Reason for revert: it caused multiple crostini fixture failures

Original change's description:
> tast-tests: stabilize crostini fixtures
> As part of crostini installation we continuously click turn on and next
> buttons until other buttons appear. For that, currently we use
> WaitUntilExists as a condition to stop clicking. This method polls for
> a condition until it is fulfilled. This works, if the first left click
> succeeded. However, if it did not, WaitUntilExists will poll until ctx
> is exhausted before returning. As the ctx duration it uses matches that
> of the left click, once it returns due to a timeout, we no longer have
> time left for yet another left click.
> Replace double-polling introduced by WaitUntilExists with a one off
> check to allow for repeated left clicks.
> BUG=b:231630463
> TEST=tast run dut crostini.AppGeditInstallUninstall.stable
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Bug: b:231630463
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Tast (tests)

This repository contains integration tests that are run by Tast.

Directory structure

  • helpers/ - Source code for binaries executed by tests.
    • local/ - Helpers for local tests that are compiled and installed to /usr/local/libexec/tast/helpers/local/cros by the tast-local-helpers-cros package.
  • src/chromiumos/tast/
    • local/ - Code related to local (i.e. on-device or “client”) tests.
      • bundles/ - Local test bundles.
        • cros/ - The “cros” local test bundle, containing standard ChromeOS tests. Tests are packaged by category.
      • ... - Packages used only by local tests.
    • remote/ - Code related to remote (i.e. off-device or “server”) tests.
      • bundles/ - Remote test bundles.
        • cros/ - The “cros” remote test bundle, containing standard ChromeOS tests. Tests are packaged by category.
      • ... - Packages used only by remote tests.

Shared code, the main tast executable, the local_test_runner and remote_test_runner executables responsible for running bundles, and documentation are located in the tast repository.