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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package run
import (
// deviceConfigFile is a file name containing the dump of obtained device.Config of the DUT,
// which is directly under ResDir.
const deviceConfigFile = "device-config.txt"
// getDUTInfo executes local_test_runner on the DUT to get a list of DUT info.
// The info is used to check tests' dependencies.
// This updates cfg.softwareFeatures, thus calling this twice won't work.
func getDUTInfo(ctx context.Context, cfg *Config) error {
if !cfg.checkTestDeps {
return nil
if cfg.softwareFeatures != nil {
return errors.New("getDUTInfo is already called")
ctx, st := timing.Start(ctx, "get_dut_info")
defer st.End()
cfg.Logger.Debug("Getting DUT info")
hst, err := connectToTarget(ctx, cfg)
if err != nil {
return err
var res runner.GetDUTInfoResult
if err := runTestRunnerCommand(
localRunnerCommand(ctx, cfg, hst),
Mode: runner.GetDUTInfoMode,
GetDUTInfo: &runner.GetDUTInfoArgs{
ExtraUSEFlags: cfg.extraUSEFlags,
RequestDeviceConfig: true,
); err != nil {
return err
// If the software feature is empty, then the DUT doesn't know about its features
// (e.g. because it's a non-test image and doesn't have a listing of relevant USE flags).
if res.SoftwareFeatures == nil {
cfg.Logger.Debug("No software features reported by DUT -- non-test image?")
return errors.New("can't check test deps; no software features reported by DUT")
for _, warn := range res.Warnings {
cfg.osVersion = res.OSVersion
cfg.Logger.Debug("Software features supported by DUT: ", strings.Join(res.SoftwareFeatures.Available, " "))
if res.DeviceConfig != nil {
cfg.Logger.Debug("Got DUT device.Config data; dumping to ", deviceConfigFile)
if err := ioutil.WriteFile(filepath.Join(cfg.ResDir, deviceConfigFile), []byte(proto.MarshalTextString(res.DeviceConfig)), 0644); err != nil {
cfg.Logger.Debugf("Failed to dump %s: %v", deviceConfigFile, err)
cfg.deviceConfig = res.DeviceConfig
cfg.hardwareFeatures = res.HardwareFeatures
cfg.softwareFeatures = res.SoftwareFeatures
return nil
// featureArgsFromConfig returns feature arguments based on the configuration parameter.
func featureArgsFromConfig(cfg *Config) *bundle.FeatureArgs {
args := bundle.FeatureArgs{
CheckSoftwareDeps: cfg.checkTestDeps,
TestVars: cfg.testVars,
if cfg.softwareFeatures != nil {
args.AvailableSoftwareFeatures = cfg.softwareFeatures.Available
args.UnavailableSoftwareFeatures = cfg.softwareFeatures.Unavailable
args.DeviceConfig.Proto = cfg.deviceConfig
args.HardwareFeatures.Proto = cfg.hardwareFeatures
return &args