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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Package main implements the local_test_runner executable.
// local_test_runner is executed on-device by the tast command.
// It runs test bundles and reports the results back to tast.
// It is also used to query additional information about the DUT
// such as logs, crashes, and supported software features.
package main
import (
func main() {
args := runner.Args{
RunTests: &runner.RunTestsArgs{
BundleGlob: "/usr/local/libexec/tast/bundles/local/*",
BundleArgs: bundle.RunTestsArgs{
DataDir: "/usr/local/share/tast/data",
TempDir: "/usr/local/tmp/tast/run_tmp",
cfg := runner.Config{
Type: runner.LocalRunner,
KillStaleRunners: true,
SystemLogDir: "/var/log",
SystemLogExcludes: []string{"journal"}, // journald binary logs:
UnifiedLogSubdir: "unified", // destination for exported unified system logs
SystemInfoFunc: writeSystemInfo, // save additional system info at end of run
SystemCrashDirs: crash.DefaultDirs(),
CleanupLogsPausedPath: "/var/lib/cleanup_logs_paused",
// The tast-use-flags package attempts to install this file to /etc,
// but it gets diverted to /usr/local since it's installed for test images.
USEFlagsFile: "/usr/local/etc/tast_use_flags.txt",
LSBReleaseFile: lsbrelease.Path,
SoftwareFeatureDefinitions: map[string]string{
// This list is documented at docs/
// All USE flags referenced here must be listed in IUSE in the tast-use-flags ebuild.
// The one exception is tast_vm, which is inserted by VM builders via -extrauseflags.
"alt_syscall": `!"kernel-3_8" && !"kernel-3_10"`,
"amd64": "amd64",
// ARC USE flags are defined here:
// http://cs/chromeos_public/src/third_party/chromiumos-overlay/eclass/arc-build-constants.eclass
"android_vm": `arc && arcvm && !"android-vm-pi"`,
"android_vm_r": `arc && arcvm && "android-vm-rvc"`,
"android_p": `arc && "android-container-pi"`,
"arc": `arc`,
"arc32": `"cheets_user" || "cheets_userdebug"`,
"arc64": `"cheets_user_64" || "cheets_userdebug_64"`,
"arc_camera1": `"arc-camera1"`,
"arc_camera3": `"arc-camera3"`,
"arc_launched_32bit": `"arc-launched-32bit-abi"`,
"arc_launched_64bit": `"!arc-launched-32bit-abi"`,
"arc_pstore": "arc && arcvm && amd64",
"arm": `"arm" || "arm64"`,
"aslr": "!asan", // ASan instrumentation breaks ASLR
"audio_play": "internal_speaker && !tast_vm", // VMs and some boards don't have a speaker
"audio_record": "internal_mic && !tast_vm", // VMs don't have a mic
"biometrics_daemon": "biod",
"borealis_host": "borealis_host",
"breakpad": "force_breakpad",
// TODO(b/73436929) Grunt cannot run 720p due to performance issue,
// we should remove grunt after hardware encoding supported.
// daisy variants' cameras don't support 1280x720.
"camera_720p": "!snow && !skate && !spring && !grunt",
"camera_legacy": `!"arc-camera1" && !"arc-camera3"`,
"cert_provision": "cert_provision",
"chrome": "!chromeless_tty && !rialto",
"chrome_internal": "chrome_internal",
"coresched": "coresched",
// TODO(b/174890060) Remove asuka, caroline, cave, chell, lars, sentry
// TODO(b/174888780) Remove kernel-4_4 once arm64 kernel reporting is fixed
// TODO(b/174889440) Remove hana, elm
// Per b/175345642 veryon_fievel/veyron_tiger are safe but arm32 doesn't report anything in sysfs so just ignore these boards
"cpu_vuln_sysfs": `!("kernel-3_8" || "kernel-3_10" || "kernel-3_14" || ("kernel-3_18" && ("board:asuka" || "board:caroline" || "board:cave" || "board:chell" || "board:lars" || "board:sentry")) || ("kernel-4_4" && ("arm" || "arm64")) || "board:hana" || "board:elm" || "board:hana-kernelnext" || "board:elm-kernelnext" || "board:veyron_fievel" || "board:veyron_tiger")`,
"crashpad": "!force_breakpad",
"cros_config": "unibuild",
"cros_internal": "internal",
"crosvm_gpu": `"crosvm-gpu" && "virtio_gpu"`,
"crosvm_no_gpu": `!"crosvm-gpu" || !"virtio_gpu"`,
"crossystem": "!betty && !tast_vm", // VMs don't support few crossystem sub-commands:
"cups": "cups",
"diagnostics": "diagnostics && !betty && !tast_vm", // VMs do not have hardware to diagnose.
"display_backlight": "display_backlight",
"dlc": "dlc && dlc_test",
"dptf": "dptf",
"device_crash": `!("board:samus")`, // Samus devices do not reliably come back after kernel crashes.
"dmverity_stable": `"kernel-3_8" || "kernel-3_10" || "kernel-3_14" || "kernel-3_18" || "kernel-4_4" || "kernel-4_14"`,
"dmverity_unstable": `!("kernel-3_8" || "kernel-3_10" || "kernel-3_14" || "kernel-3_18" || "kernel-4_4" || "kernel-4_14")`,
"drivefs": "drivefs",
"drm_atomic": "drm_atomic",
// asuka, banon, caroline, cave, celes, chell, cyan, edgar, kefka, reks, relm, sentry, terra, ultima, and wizpig have buggy EC firmware and cannot capture crash reports. b/172228823
// drallion and sarien have do not support the "crash" EC command.
// guado, tidus, rikku, veyron_fievel, and veyron_tiger do not have EC firmware. TODO( Use an EC hardware dep for these rather than a software dep.
// nocturne only sporadically captures EC panics.
// TODO( remove guado-cfm and rikku-cfm when they're no longer necessary
"ec_crash": `!(("board:asuka" || "board:banon" || "board:caroline" || "board:caroline-kernelnext" || "board:cave" || "board:celes" || "board:chell" || "board:cyan" || "board:edgar" || "board:kefka" || "board:reks" || "board:relm" || "board:sentry" || "board:terra" || "board:ultima" || "board:wizpig") || ("board:drallion" || "board:sarien") || ("board:guado" || "board:guado-cfm" || "board:tidus" || "board:rikku" || "board:rikku-cfm" || "board:veyron_fievel" || "board:veyron_tiger") || "board:nocturne")`,
"encrypted_reboot_vault": `!("kernel-3_8" || "kernel-3_10" || "kernel-3_14")`,
"endorsement": "!betty && !tast_vm", // VMs don't have valid endorsement certificate.
"firewall": "!moblab", // Moblab has relaxed iptables rules
"flashrom": "!betty && !tast_vm",
"gboard_decoder": "gboard_decoder", // have IME mojo service installed.
"google_virtual_keyboard": "chrome_internal && internal && !moblab", // doesn't work on Moblab:
"gpu_sandboxing": "!betty && !tast_vm", // no GPU sandboxing on VMs:
"graphics_debugfs": `!("kernel-3_8" || "kernel-3_10" || "kernel-3_14" || "kernel-3_18")`,
"gsc": "cr50_onboard",
"houdini": "houdini",
"houdini64": "houdini64",
"hostap_hwsim": "wifi_hostap_test",
"igt": `("video_cards_amdgpu" || "video_cards_intel") && ("kernel-5_4" || "kernel-4_19" || "kernel-4_14")`,
"iwlwifi_rescan": "iwlwifi_rescan",
"lacros": "!arm && !arm64", // TODO( Expand this to include arm as well.
"lock_core_pattern": `"kernel-3_10" || "kernel-3_14" || "kernel-3_18"`,
// QEMU has implemented memfd_create, but we haven't updated
// to a release with the change (
// Remove "|| betty || tast_vm" from list when we upgrade.
"memfd_create": `!("kernel-3_8" || "kernel-3_10" || "kernel-3_14" || betty || tast_vm)`,
"memd": "memd",
// Only official builds are considered to have metrics consent.
// See: ChromeCrashReporterClient::GetCollectStatsConsent()
// Also metrics consent needs TPM (
"metrics_consent": "chrome_internal && !mocktpm && !tast_vm",
"microcode": "!betty && !tast_vm",
"ml_benchmark": "ml_benchmark_drivers",
"ml_service": "ml_service",
"mosys": "!betty && !tast_vm",
"nacl": "nacl",
"ndk_translation": "ndk_translation",
"ndk_translation64": "ndk_translation64",
"nnapi": "nnapi",
"no_android": "!arc",
"no_arm": "!arm",
"no_asan": "!asan",
"no_borealis_host": "!borealis_host",
"no_elm_hana_3_18": `!((elm || hana) && "kernel-3_18")`, // board elm/hana with kernel-3.18 has issue performing WiFi scan:
"no_msan": "!msan",
"no_qemu": "!betty && !tast_vm",
"no_symlink_mount": "!lxc", // boards using LXC set CONFIG_SECURITY_CHROMIUMOS_NO_SYMLINK_MOUNT=n
"no_ubsan": "!ubsan",
"oci": "containers && !moblab", // run_oci doesn't work on Moblab:
"ocr": "ocr",
"plugin_vm": "pita", // boards that can run Plugin VM.
"proprietary_codecs": "chrome_internal || chrome_media",
"pstore": "!betty && !tast_vm", // These boards don't support pstore:
"qemu": "betty || tast_vm",
"racc": "racc",
// weird missing-runner-after-reboot bug:
// TODO(yich): This is a workaround to enable reboot flag on all boards.
// We should disable this flag if the weird missing-runner-after-reboot bug still happening.
// Or cleanup all reboot dependency in tast-tests.
// Notice: The flag would be false when a board didn't have any attributes.
"reboot": `"*"`,
"screenshot": "display_backlight && !rk3399", // screenshot command broken on RK3399:
"selinux": "selinux",
"selinux_current": "selinux && !selinux_experimental",
"selinux_experimental": "selinux && selinux_experimental",
"shill-wifi": "!moblab", // fizz-moblab disables the WiFi technology for Shill
"smartdim": "smartdim",
"storage_wearout_detect": "storage_wearout_detect && !betty && !tast_vm", // Skip wearout checks for VMs and eMMC < 5.0
"tablet_mode": "touchview",
"tpm": "!mocktpm",
"tpm1": "!mocktpm && !tpm2", // Indicate tpm1.2 is available
"tpm2": "!mocktpm && tpm2", // Indicate tpm2 is available
"transparent_hugepage": "transparent_hugepage",
"untrusted_vm": `"kernel-4_19" || "kernel-5_4"`,
"usbguard": "usbguard",
"v4l2_codec": "v4l2_codec",
"vaapi": "vaapi",
// As the direct video decoder is transitioned in there is the need
// to run the legacy decoder to make sure it isn't broken and can be
// rolled back to if the direct decoder is having problems. On some
// newer platforms there will not be a legacy decoder to run.
"video_decoder_direct": "!disable_cros_video_decoder",
"video_decoder_legacy": "disable_cros_video_decoder",
"video_decoder_legacy_supported": `!("board:trogdor")`,
// drm_atomic is a necessary but not sufficient condition to support
// video_overlays; in practice, they tend to be enabled at the same time.
// TODO(mcasas): query in advance for NV12 format DRM Plane support.
"video_overlays": "drm_atomic",
"virtual_usb_printer": `!("kernel-3_8" || "kernel-3_10" || "kernel-3_14" || "kernel-4_4")`,
// Some VM builds actually can run nested VM with right host configuration.
// But we haven't enable this feature on builders. For now, just disable
// vm_host feature for VM builds. The kvm_transition flag indicates the
// board may not work with VMs without a cold reboot b/134764918.
"vm_host": "kvm_host && !tast_vm && !kvm_transition",
"vp9_smoke": "!rk3399", // RK3399 crashes on playing unsupported VP9 profile:
"vulkan": "vulkan",
"watchdog": `watchdog`,
// nyan_kitty is skipped as its WiFi device is unresolvably flaky (,
// exhibiting very similar symptoms to, b/65858242, b/36264732.
"wifi": "!betty && !tast_vm && !nyan_kitty",
"wilco": "wilco",
"wired_8021x": "wired_8021x",
"wpa3_sae": "wpa3_sae",
// TODO( Remove the below hard-coded devices and use
// Intel WiFi dependency when wifi hardware dependencies are implemented.
// TODO( remove "Elm" and "Hana" after unibuild migration
// completed.
// The list of boards with Intel WiFi chips is long, so instead of listing all
// the boards that have Intel WiFi chips, skip the ones that don't have it.
"intel_wifi_chip": `!("board:bob" || "board:elm" || "board:grunt" || "board:hana" || "board:jacuzzi" || "board:kevin" || "board:kukui" || "board:oak" || "board:scarlet" || "board:trogdor" || "board:veyron_fievel" || "board:veyron_tiger" ||
"board:elm-kernelnext" || "board:hana-kernelnext" || "board:kukui-arc-r" || "board:grunt-arc-r" || "board:kevin64")`,
// The autotest-capability package tries to install this to /etc but it's diverted to /usr/local.
AutotestCapabilityDir: autocaps.DefaultCapabilityDir,
PrivateBundlesStampPath: "/usr/local/share/tast/.private-bundles-downloaded",
if kvs, err := lsbrelease.Load(); err == nil {
if bp := kvs[lsbrelease.BuilderPath]; bp != "" {
cfg.DefaultBuildArtifactsURL = "gs://chromeos-image-archive/" + bp + "/"
cfg.OSVersion = bp
} else {
// Sometimes CHROMEOS_RELEASE_BUILDER_PATH is not in /etc/lsb-release.
// Make up the string in this case
board := kvs[lsbrelease.Board]
osVersion := kvs[lsbrelease.Version]
milestone := kvs[lsbrelease.Milestone]
buildType := kvs[lsbrelease.BuildType]
cfg.OSVersion = fmt.Sprintf("%vR%v-%v (%v)", board, milestone, osVersion, buildType)
os.Exit(runner.Run(os.Args[1:], os.Stdin, os.Stdout, os.Stderr, &args, &cfg))
// writeSystemInfo writes additional system information from the DUT to files within dir.
func writeSystemInfo(ctx context.Context, dir string) error {
runCmd := func(cmd *exec.Cmd, fn string) error {
f, err := os.Create(filepath.Join(dir, fn))
if err != nil {
return err
defer f.Close()
if _, err := fmt.Fprintf(f, "%q at end of testing:\n\n", shutil.EscapeSlice(cmd.Args)); err != nil {
return err
cmd.Stdout = f
cmd.Stderr = f
return cmd.Run()
var errs []string
cmds := map[string][]string{
"upstart_jobs.txt": {"initctl", "list"},
"ps.txt": {"ps", "auxwwf"},
"du_stateful.txt": {"du", "-m", "/mnt/stateful_partition"},
"mount.txt": {"mount"},
"hostname.txt": {"hostname"},
"uptime.txt": {"uptime"},
"losetup.txt": {"losetup"},
"df.txt": {"df", "-mP"},
"dmesg.txt": {"dmesg"},
if _, err := os.Stat("/proc/bus/pci"); !os.IsNotExist(err) {
cmds["lspci.txt"] = []string{"lspci", "-vvn"}
for fn, cmd := range cmds {
// Set timeout in case some commands take long time unexpectedly. (
cmdCtx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(ctx, 1*time.Minute)
cmd := exec.CommandContext(cmdCtx, cmd[0], cmd[1:len(cmd)]...)
if err := runCmd(cmd, fn); err != nil {
errs = append(errs, fmt.Sprintf("failed running %q: %v", shutil.EscapeSlice(cmd.Args), err))
// Also copy crash-related system info (e.g. /etc/lsb-release) to aid in debugging.
// Having an easy way to see info about the system image (e.g. board name and version) is particularly useful.
if err := crash.CopySystemInfo(dir); err != nil {
errs = append(errs, err.Error())
if len(errs) > 0 {
return errors.New(strings.Join(errs, ", "))
return nil