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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Package testing provides public API for tests.
package testing
import (
// Test describes a registration of one or more test instances.
// Test can be passed to testing.AddTest to actually register test instances
// to the framework.
// In the most basic form where Params field is empty, Test describes exactly
// one test instance. If Params is not empty, multiple test instances are
// generated on registration by merging each testing.Param to the base Test.
type Test = testing.Test
// Param defines parameters for a parameterized test case.
// See also
type Param = testing.Param
// TestInstance represents a test instance registered to the framework.
// A test instance is the unit of "tests" exposed to outside of the framework.
// For example, in the command line of the "tast" command, users specify
// which tests to run by names of test instances. Single testing.AddTest call
// may register multiple test instances at once if testing.Test passed to the
// function has non-empty Params field.
type TestInstance = testing.TestInstance
const (
// LacrosVariantUnknown indicates that this test has not yet been checked as to whether it requires a lacros variant.
// New tests should not use this value, i.e. new tests should always consider lacros.
LacrosVariantUnknown = testing.LacrosVariantUnknown
// LacrosVariantNeeded indicates that a lacros variant for this is needed but hasn't been created yet.
LacrosVariantNeeded = testing.LacrosVariantNeeded
// LacrosVariantExists indicates that all required lacros variants for this test have been created.
LacrosVariantExists = testing.LacrosVariantExists
// LacrosVariantUnneeded indicates that lacros variants for this test are not needed.
LacrosVariantUnneeded = testing.LacrosVariantUnneeded
// StringPair represents a string key-value pair. Typically used for SearchFlags.
type StringPair = protocol.StringPair