Make sure the selected background color shows up for GtkIconView
widgets. The gtalk window picker relies on this.

TEST=Ran on alex

Change-Id: I08f78aea53babc2fb3e9a573f3549c6159e5f22f
Reviewed-by: Daniel Erat <>
Tested-by: Noah Richards <>
Commit-Ready: Noah Richards <>
diff --git a/resources/gtkrc b/resources/gtkrc
index 6113f82..d40e5bd 100644
--- a/resources/gtkrc
+++ b/resources/gtkrc
@@ -148,6 +148,16 @@
 widget "*.chromeos-options-tab*.GtkEventBox" style "WhiteBackgroundStyle"
+# With the given "theme" engine, GtkIconView won't have a background rect
+# drawn for selected items. This style clears the engine and sets the
+# selected background color to a visible gray.
+style "BackgroundSelectionVisible" {
+  bg[SELECTED] = "#BBB"
+  engine "" {}
+class "GtkIconView" style "BackgroundSelectionVisible"
 # NOTE: The keysym names in the below bindings are case-sensitive; they
 # must match the corresponding GDK #defines, e.g. GDK_slash, GDK_BackSpace,
 # etc.  (The modifier names are case-insensitive, though.)