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This is the Google touchbot controller module in python.
The name was chosen by Toshiba Machine Co., LTD. and is based on the
controller name. The full official designation of robots with this
controller is:
BA series
Toshiba Machine Co, Ltd.
Similar robot controllers:
BA Series: CA10-M00
BA II Series: CA10-M00B
This module should have utility for all users of robots with these
controller type, although the specific submodules, other than 'error',
will likely not be applicable to robots other than the Google touchbot.
The directory structure is laid out as follows:
README This file
documentation/ More detailed documentation not covered by pydoc.
gestures/ A set of gesture programs utilizing the roibot/
library to implement program commands and allow
interactive control of the robot finger positions,
return to origin, and so on.
roibot/ The control module itself.
roibot/devices/ A set of textual descriptions and coordinate
bounding box regions for devices the robot is
prepared to operate on.
test/ Test support for calidation of the control
module itself. This does not contain the
actual touchpad tests.
Use this module by putting the "roibot" directory into your PYTHONPATH
to make it available.
import sys
import roibot
robot = roibot.ROIbot(sys.argv[1])
print roibot.error.statusReport(robot)
See examples, pydoc on the module, and documentation subdirectory for
more information.
End Of Document.