Touchbot: Fix the imports in the gesture scripts

Previously, when you ran the robot examples and gesture scripts,
python would throw errors about not being able to find modules, etc.
You would have to modify every one to get it to run and change your
environment variable PYTHONPATH.  There was a script already in place
that was trying to get around this "" but it didn't really
work quite right.  This patch fixes these, so now you can actually run
the example code/gestures.  Additionally, this makes adapting them into
other more useful scripts far easier.  To further simplify the process,
the "examples" and the "gestures" directories have been merged.  They
both used the same and Makefile and did essentially the
same thing, so instead of fixing each individually, I just merged them
into a single "gestures" directory.

Additionally, now that the libraries are actually getting imported
correctly, a compilation error in was uncovered.  This patch
fixes an indentation error in there too.

TEST=Connect to robot.  From the platform/touchbot/gestures directory,
run "make" which should make a shell script wrapper for the python
scripts in the folder.  Then run "basic" (one of these generated
scripts) and it should run without error, and the robot should actually
respond, etc.

Change-Id: I98932db8c10996ae6ac36c6b4dc3825bb25d0762
Signed-off-by: Charlie Mooney <>
Reviewed-by: Mark Koudritsky <>
6 files changed
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