Don't list irrelevant baseline tests

The baseline tests for click, drag, fling, etc. apply only
to touchpad devices.  If the device is not a touchpad, don't look
for these baseline tests.

TEST=Run touchtests after setting device_class to "mouse" for some
devices. Incomplete baseline tests aren't listed for those devices, but
completed baseline tests are.

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Touch tests


This repository contains automated tests for Chromium OS's Gestures library. Each test has a log of evdev events which are replayed, a properties file containing gesture properties to set while the Gestures library runs, and a Python function which verifies the output and returns a test score.

Setting up

Assuming that you've followed the developer guide, simply run the following inside your chroot:

$ cd ~/trunk/src/platform/touchpad-tests
$ sudo make setup-in-place

Running tests

To run all tests, simply run touchtests. To run one or more specific tests, you can pass a test name or a glob:

$ touchtests atlas-1.0/fat-thumb-fail
$ touchtests atlas-1.0/palm-while-typing*

Each test will return a status, with the following meanings:

  • success: the test succeeded, with the given score out of 1.
  • failure: the test failed.
  • error: an error occurred while running the test, so the behavior of the gestures library couldn't be evaluated.
  • incomplete: (baseline tests only) the evdev log for this platform hasn't been created.

Checking for regressions

The --out (or -o) switch creates a report file that future runs can be compared against with the --ref (or -r) switch:

$ touchtests --out baseline.json
# (cause some regressions)
$ touchtests --ref baseline.json

The output table will contain a delta column that indicates any regressions or improvements, and an error message will be shown if regressions exist.