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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <time.h>
#include <tr1/memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/time.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <gtest/gtest_prod.h> // for FRIEND_TEST
#include "update_engine/action_processor.h"
#include "update_engine/chrome_browser_proxy_resolver.h"
#include "update_engine/download_action.h"
#include "update_engine/gpio_handler.h"
#include "update_engine/omaha_request_params.h"
#include "update_engine/omaha_response_handler_action.h"
#include "update_engine/proxy_resolver.h"
#include "update_engine/system_state.h"
class MetricsLibraryInterface;
struct UpdateEngineService;
namespace policy {
class PolicyProvider;
namespace chromeos_update_engine {
class UpdateCheckScheduler;
extern const char* kUpdateCompletedMarker;
enum UpdateStatus {
enum UpdateNotice {
kUpdateNoticeUnspecified = 0,
const char* UpdateStatusToString(UpdateStatus status);
class UpdateAttempter : public ActionProcessorDelegate,
public DownloadActionDelegate {
static const int kMaxDeltaUpdateFailures;
UpdateAttempter(PrefsInterface* prefs,
MetricsLibraryInterface* metrics_lib,
DbusGlibInterface* dbus_iface,
GpioHandler* gpio_handler,
SystemState* system_state);
virtual ~UpdateAttempter();
// Checks for update and, if a newer version is available, attempts to update
// the system. Non-empty |in_app_version| or |in_update_url| prevents
// automatic detection of the parameter. If |obey_proxies| is true, the
// update will likely respect Chrome's proxy setting. For security reasons, we
// may still not honor them. Interactive should be true if this was called
// from the user (ie dbus). |is_test| will lead to using an alternative test
// server URL, if |omaha_url| is empty. |is_user_initiated| will be true
// only if the update is being kicked off through dbus and will be false for
// other types of kick off such as scheduled updates.
virtual void Update(const std::string& app_version,
const std::string& omaha_url,
bool obey_proxies,
bool interactive,
bool is_test_mode,
bool is_user_initiated);
// ActionProcessorDelegate methods:
void ProcessingDone(const ActionProcessor* processor, ActionExitCode code);
void ProcessingStopped(const ActionProcessor* processor);
void ActionCompleted(ActionProcessor* processor,
AbstractAction* action,
ActionExitCode code);
// Stop updating. An attempt will be made to record status to the disk
// so that updates can be resumed later.
void Terminate();
// Try to resume from a previously Terminate()d update.
void ResumeUpdating();
// Resets the current state to UPDATE_STATUS_IDLE.
// Used by update_engine_client for restarting a new update without
// having to reboot once the previous update has reached
// UPDATE_STATUS_UPDATED_NEED_REBOOT state. This is used only
// for testing purposes.
bool ResetStatus();
// Returns the current status in the out params. Returns true on success.
bool GetStatus(int64_t* last_checked_time,
double* progress,
std::string* current_operation,
std::string* new_version,
int64_t* new_size);
// Runs chromeos-setgoodkernel, whose responsibility it is to mark the
// currently booted partition has high priority/permanent/etc. The execution
// is asynchronous. On completion, the action processor may be started
// depending on the |start_action_processor_| field. Note that every update
// attempt goes through this method.
void UpdateBootFlags();
// Subprocess::Exec callback.
void CompleteUpdateBootFlags(int return_code);
static void StaticCompleteUpdateBootFlags(int return_code,
const std::string& output,
void* p);
UpdateStatus status() const { return status_; }
int http_response_code() const { return http_response_code_; }
void set_http_response_code(int code) { http_response_code_ = code; }
void set_dbus_service(struct UpdateEngineService* dbus_service) {
dbus_service_ = dbus_service;
UpdateCheckScheduler* update_check_scheduler() const {
return update_check_scheduler_;
void set_update_check_scheduler(UpdateCheckScheduler* scheduler) {
update_check_scheduler_ = scheduler;
// This is the internal entry point for going through an
// update. If the current status is idle invokes Update.
// This is called by the DBus implementation.
void CheckForUpdate(const std::string& app_version,
const std::string& omaha_url,
bool is_user_initiated);
// Initiates a reboot if the current state is
// UPDATED_NEED_REBOOT. Returns true on sucess, false otherwise.
bool RebootIfNeeded();
// DownloadActionDelegate methods
void SetDownloadStatus(bool active);
void BytesReceived(uint64_t bytes_received, uint64_t total);
// Broadcasts the current status over D-Bus.
void BroadcastStatus();
// Update server URL for automated lab test.
static const char* const kTestUpdateUrl;
friend class UpdateAttempterTest;
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, ActionCompletedDownloadTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, ActionCompletedErrorTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, ActionCompletedOmahaRequestTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, CreatePendingErrorEventTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, CreatePendingErrorEventResumedTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, DisableDeltaUpdateIfNeededTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, MarkDeltaUpdateFailureTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, ReadTrackFromPolicy);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, PingOmahaTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, ScheduleErrorEventActionNoEventTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, ScheduleErrorEventActionTest);
FRIEND_TEST(UpdateAttempterTest, UpdateTest);
// Sets the status to the given status and notifies a status update over dbus.
// Also accepts a supplement notice, which is delegated to the scheduler and
// used for making better informed scheduling decisions (e.g. retry timeout).
void SetStatusAndNotify(UpdateStatus status, UpdateNotice notice);
// Sets up the download parameters after receiving the update check response.
void SetupDownload();
// Creates an error event object in |error_event_| to be included in an
// OmahaRequestAction once the current action processor is done.
void CreatePendingErrorEvent(AbstractAction* action, ActionExitCode code);
// If there's a pending error event allocated in |error_event_|, schedules an
// OmahaRequestAction with that event in the current processor, clears the
// pending event, updates the status and returns true. Returns false
// otherwise.
bool ScheduleErrorEventAction();
// Sets the process priority to |priority| and updates |priority_| if the new
// |priority| is different than the current |priority_|, otherwise simply
// returns.
void SetPriority(utils::ProcessPriority priority);
// Sets the process priority to low and sets up timeout events to increase it.
void SetupPriorityManagement();
// Resets the process priority to normal and destroys any scheduled timeout
// sources.
void CleanupPriorityManagement();
// The process priority timeout source callback sets the current priority to
// normal. Returns false so that GLib destroys the timeout source.
static gboolean StaticManagePriorityCallback(gpointer data);
bool ManagePriorityCallback();
// Callback to start the action processor.
static gboolean StaticStartProcessing(gpointer data);
// Schedules an event loop callback to start the action processor. This is
// scheduled asynchronously to unblock the event loop.
void ScheduleProcessingStart();
// Checks if a full update is needed and forces it by updating the Omaha
// request params.
void DisableDeltaUpdateIfNeeded();
// If this was a delta update attempt that failed, count it so that a full
// update can be tried when needed.
void MarkDeltaUpdateFailure();
ProxyResolver* GetProxyResolver() {
return obeying_proxies_ ?
reinterpret_cast<ProxyResolver*>(&chrome_proxy_resolver_) :
// Sends a ping to Omaha.
// This is used after an update has been applied and we're waiting for the
// user to reboot. This ping helps keep the number of actives count
// accurate in case a user takes a long time to reboot the device after an
// update has been applied.
void PingOmaha();
// Helper method of Update() to calculate the update-related parameters
// from various sources and set the appropriate state. Please refer to
// Update() method for the meaning of the parametes.
bool CalculateUpdateParams(const std::string& app_version,
const std::string& omaha_url,
bool obey_proxies,
bool interactive,
bool is_test,
bool is_user_initiated);
// Calculates all the scattering related parameters (such as waiting period,
// which type of scattering is enabled, etc.) and also updates/deletes
// the corresponding prefs file used in scattering. Should be called
// only after the device policy has been loaded and set in the system_state_.
void CalculateScatteringParams(bool is_user_initiated);
// Sets a random value for the omaha_request_params_.waiting_period
// based on the current scatter_factor_ value.
void GenerateNewWaitingPeriod();
// Helper method of Update() to construct the sequence of actions to
// be performed for an update check. Please refer to
// Update() method for the meaning of the parametes.
void BuildUpdateActions(bool interactive);
// Decrements the count in the kUpdateCheckCountFilePath.
// Returns True if successfully decremented, false otherwise.
bool DecrementUpdateCheckCount();
// Last status notification timestamp used for throttling. Use monotonic
// TimeTicks to ensure that notifications are sent even if the system clock is
// set back in the middle of an update.
base::TimeTicks last_notify_time_;
std::vector<std::tr1::shared_ptr<AbstractAction> > actions_;
scoped_ptr<ActionProcessor> processor_;
// If non-null, this UpdateAttempter will send status updates over this
// dbus service.
UpdateEngineService* dbus_service_;
// Pointer to the OmahaResponseHandlerAction in the actions_ vector.
std::tr1::shared_ptr<OmahaResponseHandlerAction> response_handler_action_;
// Pointer to the DownloadAction in the actions_ vector.
std::tr1::shared_ptr<DownloadAction> download_action_;
// Pointer to the preferences store interface.
PrefsInterface* prefs_;
// Pointer to the UMA metrics collection library.
MetricsLibraryInterface* metrics_lib_;
// The current UpdateCheckScheduler to notify of state transitions.
UpdateCheckScheduler* update_check_scheduler_;
// Pending error event, if any.
scoped_ptr<OmahaEvent> error_event_;
// If we should request a reboot even tho we failed the update
bool fake_update_success_;
// HTTP server response code from the last HTTP request action.
int http_response_code_;
// Current process priority.
utils::ProcessPriority priority_;
// The process priority management timeout source.
GSource* manage_priority_source_;
// Set to true if an update download is active (and BytesReceived
// will be called), set to false otherwise.
bool download_active_;
// For status:
UpdateStatus status_;
double download_progress_;
int64_t last_checked_time_;
std::string new_version_;
int64_t new_size_;
// Device paramaters common to all Omaha requests.
OmahaRequestDeviceParams omaha_request_params_;
// Number of consecutive manual update checks we've had where we obeyed
// Chrome's proxy settings.
int proxy_manual_checks_;
// If true, this update cycle we are obeying proxies
bool obeying_proxies_;
// Our two proxy resolvers
DirectProxyResolver direct_proxy_resolver_;
ChromeBrowserProxyResolver chrome_proxy_resolver_;
// Originally, both of these flags are false. Once UpdateBootFlags is called,
// |update_boot_flags_running_| is set to true. As soon as UpdateBootFlags
// completes its asynchronous run, |update_boot_flags_running_| is reset to
// false and |updated_boot_flags_| is set to true. From that point on there
// will be no more changes to these flags.
bool updated_boot_flags_; // True if UpdateBootFlags has completed.
bool update_boot_flags_running_; // True if UpdateBootFlags is running.
// True if the action processor needs to be started by the boot flag updater.
bool start_action_processor_;
// Used for fetching information about the device policy.
scoped_ptr<policy::PolicyProvider> policy_provider_;
// A flag for indicating whether we are using a test server URL.
bool is_using_test_url_;
// If true, will induce a test mode update attempt.
bool is_test_mode_;
// A flag indicating whether a test update cycle was already attempted.
bool is_test_update_attempted_;
// GPIO handler object.
GpioHandler* gpio_handler_;
// The current scatter factor as found in the policy setting.
base::TimeDelta scatter_factor_;
// External state of the system outside the update_engine process
// carved out separately to mock out easily in unit tests.
SystemState* system_state_;
} // namespace chromeos_update_engine