vboot: remove tinyhostlib from Makefile

vboot Makefile contains a target library called
libtinyvboot_host.a, and claims it is used by autoupdate
installer since it must sometimes be a 32-bit executable.
(See CL:44442.)

As far as I can tell, this lib is no longer used, and we can
safely remove it:

(1) I don't see any mention of this file in any repo's git
    $ repo list | sed -e 's@ :.*@@' | while read dir;
      do ( cd $dir; out=`git --no-pager log --no-renames -p -Svboot_host |
           grep tinyvboot_host`; [ -z "$out" ] || echo "$dir\n$out" ); done;
    +TINYHOSTLIB = ${BUILD}/libtinyvboot_host.a
(2) The library doesn't get installed in vboot_reference's

BUG=b:124141368, chromium:440078
TEST=build vboot_reference

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