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/* Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* Utilities for firmware updater.
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "fmap.h"
#define ASPRINTF(strp, ...) do { if (asprintf(strp, __VA_ARGS__) >= 0) break; \
ERROR("Failed to allocate memory, abort.\n"); exit(1); } while (0)
/* Structure(s) declared in updater_archive */
struct u_archive;
/* flashrom programmers. */
static const char * const PROG_HOST = "host",
* const PROG_EC = "ec",
* const PROG_PD = "ec:type=pd";
/* Firmware slots */
static const char * const FWACT_A = "A",
* const FWACT_B = "B";
enum active_slot {
SLOT_A = 0,
/* Utilities for managing temporary files. */
struct tempfile {
char *filepath;
struct tempfile *next;
* Create a new temporary file.
* The parameter head refers to a linked list dummy head.
* Returns the path of new file, or NULL on failure.
const char *create_temp_file(struct tempfile *head);
* Remove all files created by create_temp_file().
* The parameter head refers to the dummy head of linked list.
* This is intended to be called only once at end of program execution.
void remove_all_temp_files(struct tempfile *head);
/* Include definition of 'struct firmware_image;' */
#include "flashrom.h"
/* Parameters when invoking flashrom. */
struct flashrom_params {
struct firmware_image *image; /* The firmware image to read/write. */
const struct firmware_image *flash_contents; /* --flash-contents */
const char *const *regions; /* -i: only read/write <region> */
bool noverify; /* -n: don't auto-verify */
bool noverify_all; /* -N: verify included regions only */
int verbose; /* -V: more verbose output */
/* Supported by libflashrom but no exported by flashrom_drv:
* - force
* - noverify_all
* Not supported by libflashrom:
* - do_not_diff
* - ignore_lock
enum {
* Loads a firmware image from file.
* If archive is provided and file_name is a relative path, read the file from
* archive.
* Returns IMAGE_LOAD_SUCCESS on success, IMAGE_READ_FAILURE on file I/O
* failure, or IMAGE_PARSE_FAILURE for non-vboot images.
int load_firmware_image(struct firmware_image *image, const char *file_name,
struct u_archive *archive);
/* Structure(s) declared in updater.h */
struct updater_config;
* Loads the active system firmware image (usually from SPI flash chip).
* Returns 0 if success, non-zero if error.
int load_system_firmware(struct updater_config *cfg,
struct firmware_image *image);
/* Frees the allocated resource from a firmware image object. */
void free_firmware_image(struct firmware_image *image);
* Generates a temporary file for snapshot of firmware image contents.
* Returns a file path if success, otherwise NULL.
const char *get_firmware_image_temp_file(const struct firmware_image *image,
struct tempfile *tempfiles);
* Writes sections from a given firmware image to the system firmware.
* Regions should be NULL for writing the whole image, or a list of
* FMAP section names (and ended with a NULL).
* Returns 0 if success, non-zero if error.
int write_system_firmware(struct updater_config *cfg,
const struct firmware_image *image,
const char * const sections[]);
struct firmware_section {
uint8_t *data;
size_t size;
* Returns true if the given FMAP section exists in the firmware image.
int firmware_section_exists(const struct firmware_image *image,
const char *section_name);
* Finds a firmware section by given name in the firmware image.
* If successful, return zero and *section argument contains the address and
* size of the section; otherwise failure.
int find_firmware_section(struct firmware_section *section,
const struct firmware_image *image,
const char *section_name);
* Preserves (copies) the given section (by name) from image_from to image_to.
* The offset may be different, and the section data will be directly copied.
* If the section does not exist on either images, return as failure.
* If the source section is larger, contents on destination be truncated.
* If the source section is smaller, the remaining area is not modified.
* Returns 0 if success, non-zero if error.
int preserve_firmware_section(const struct firmware_image *image_from,
struct firmware_image *image_to,
const char *section_name);
* Finds the GBB (Google Binary Block) header on a given firmware image.
* Returns a pointer to valid GBB header, or NULL on not found.
struct vb2_gbb_header;
const struct vb2_gbb_header *find_gbb(const struct firmware_image *image);
* Strips a string (usually from shell execution output) by removing all the
* trailing characters in pattern. If pattern is NULL, match by space type
* characters (space, new line, tab, ... etc).
void strip_string(char *s, const char *pattern);
* Saves everything from stdin to given output file.
* Returns 0 on success, otherwise failure.
int save_file_from_stdin(const char *output);
* Executes a command on current host and returns stripped command output.
* If the command has failed (exit code is not zero), returns an empty string.
* The caller is responsible for releasing the returned string.
char *host_shell(const char *command);
enum wp_state {
WP_ERROR = -1,
/* Helper function to return write protection status via given programmer. */
enum wp_state flashrom_get_wp(const char *programmer);
/* The environment variable name for setting servod port. */
/* The environment variable name for setting servod name. */
* Helper function to detect type of Servo board attached to host.
* Returns a string as programmer parameter on success, otherwise NULL.
char *host_detect_servo(const char **prepare_ctrl_name);
* Returns 1 if a given file (cbfs_entry_name) exists inside a particular CBFS
* section of an image file, otherwise 0.
int cbfs_file_exists(const char *image_file,
const char *section_name,
const char *cbfs_entry_name);
* Extracts files from a CBFS on given region (section) of image_file.
* Returns the path to a temporary file on success, otherwise NULL.
const char *cbfs_extract_file(const char *image_file,
const char *cbfs_region,
const char *cbfs_name,
struct tempfile *tempfiles);
/* Utilities for accessing system properties */
struct system_property {
int (*getter)(void);
int value;
int initialized;
enum system_property_type {
/* Helper function to initialize system properties. */
void init_system_properties(struct system_property *props, int num);
* Returns rootkey hash of firmware image, or NULL on failure.
const char *get_firmware_rootkey_hash(const struct firmware_image *image);