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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <tr1/memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "window_manager/x_connection.h"
namespace chromeos {
// This is a fake implementation of a connection to an X server.
class MockXConnection : public XConnection {
bool GetWindowGeometry(XWindow xid, int* x, int* y, int* width, int* height);
bool MapWindow(XWindow xid);
bool UnmapWindow(XWindow xid);
bool MoveWindow(XWindow xid, int x, int y);
bool ResizeWindow(XWindow xid, int width, int height);
bool ConfigureWindow(XWindow xid, int x, int y, int width, int height) {
return (MoveWindow(xid, x, y) && ResizeWindow(xid, width, height));
bool RaiseWindow(XWindow xid);
bool FocusWindow(XWindow xid, Time event_time);
bool StackWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow other, bool above);
bool ReparentWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow parent, int x, int y) {
return true;
bool SetWindowBorderWidth(XWindow xid, int width) { return true; }
bool SelectInputOnWindow(XWindow xid, int event_mask, bool preserve_existing);
bool DeselectInputOnWindow(XWindow xid, int event_mask);
bool AddPassiveButtonGrabOnWindow(XWindow xid, int button, int event_mask);
bool RemovePassiveButtonGrabOnWindow(XWindow xid, int button);
bool AddActivePointerGrabForWindow(
XWindow xid, int event_mask, Time timestamp);
bool RemoveActivePointerGrab(bool replay_events);
bool RemoveInputRegionFromWindow(XWindow xid) { return true; }
bool GetSizeHintsForWindow(
XWindow xid, XSizeHints* hints, long* supplied_hints);
bool GetTransientHintForWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow* owner_out);
bool GetWindowAttributes(XWindow xid, XWindowAttributes* attr_out);
bool RedirectWindowForCompositing(XWindow xid);
bool UnredirectWindowForCompositing(XWindow xid);
XWindow GetCompositingOverlayWindow(XWindow root) { return overlay_; }
XWindow GetRootWindow() { return root_; }
XWindow CreateWindow(XWindow parent, int x, int y, int width, int height,
bool override_redirect, bool input_only, int event_mask);
bool DestroyWindow(XWindow xid);
bool IsWindowShaped(XWindow xid);
bool SelectShapeEventsOnWindow(XWindow xid);
bool GetWindowBoundingRegion(XWindow xid, ByteMap* bytemap);
bool SelectXRandREventsOnWindow(XWindow xid);
bool GetAtom(const std::string& name, XAtom* atom_out);
bool GetAtoms(const std::vector<std::string>& names,
std::vector<XAtom>* atoms_out);
bool GetAtomName(XAtom atom, std::string* name);
bool GetIntArrayProperty(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, std::vector<int>* values);
bool SetIntArrayProperty(
XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, XAtom type, const std::vector<int>& values);
bool GetStringProperty(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, std::string* out);
bool SetStringProperty(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, const std::string& value);
bool DeletePropertyIfExists(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom);
bool SendEvent(XWindow xid, XEvent* event, int event_mask);
bool WaitForEvent(XWindow xid, int event_mask, XEvent* event_out) {
return true;
XWindow GetSelectionOwner(XAtom atom);
bool SetSelectionOwner(XAtom atom, XWindow xid, Time timestamp);
bool SetWindowCursor(XWindow xid, uint32 shape);
bool GetChildWindows(XWindow xid, std::vector<XWindow>* children_out);
bool GetParentWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow* parent);
// Treat keycodes and keysyms as equivalent for key_bindings_test.
KeySym GetKeySymFromKeyCode(uint32 keycode) { return keycode; }
uint32 GetKeyCodeFromKeySym(KeySym keysym) { return keysym; }
std::string GetStringFromKeySym(KeySym keysym) { return ""; }
bool GrabKey(KeyCode keycode, uint32 modifiers) { return true; }
bool UngrabKey(KeyCode keycode, uint32 modifiers) { return true; }
bool SetDetectableKeyboardAutoRepeat(bool detectable) { return true; }
// Testing-specific code.
struct WindowInfo {
WindowInfo(XWindow xid, XWindow parent);
XWindow xid;
XWindow parent;
int x, y;
int width, height;
bool mapped;
bool override_redirect;
bool redirected;
int event_mask;
std::map<XAtom, std::vector<int> > int_properties;
std::map<XAtom, std::string> string_properties;
XWindow transient_for;
uint32 cursor;
XSizeHints size_hints;
// Window's shape, if it's been shaped using the shape extension.
// NULL otherwise.
scoped_ptr<ByteMap> shape;
// Have various extension events been selected using
// Select*EventsOnWindow()?
bool shape_events_selected;
bool xrandr_events_selected;
// Client messages sent to the window.
std::vector<XClientMessageEvent> client_messages;
// Has the window has been mapped, unmapped, or configured via XConnection
// methods? Used to check that changes aren't made to override-redirect
// windows.
bool changed;
// Have all of the mouse buttons been passively grabbed?
bool all_buttons_grabbed;
WindowInfo* GetWindowInfo(XWindow xid);
WindowInfo* GetWindowInfoOrDie(XWindow xid) {
WindowInfo* info = GetWindowInfo(xid);
return info;
XWindow focused_xid() const { return focused_xid_; }
XWindow pointer_grab_xid() const { return pointer_grab_xid_; }
const Stacker<XWindow>& stacked_xids() const {
return *(stacked_xids_.get());
// Set a window as having an active pointer grab. This is handy when
// simulating a passive button grab being upgraded due to a button press.
void set_pointer_grab_xid(XWindow xid) {
pointer_grab_xid_ = xid;
// Helper methods tests can use to initialize events.
static void InitButtonPressEvent(XEvent* event, XWindow xid,
int x, int y, int button);
// This just creates a message with 32-bit values.
static void InitClientMessageEvent(
XEvent* event, XWindow xid, XAtom type,
long arg1, long arg2, long arg3, long arg4);
static void InitConfigureNotifyEvent(XEvent* event, const WindowInfo& info);
static void InitConfigureRequestEvent(
XEvent* event, XWindow xid, int x, int y, int width, int height);
static void InitCreateWindowEvent(XEvent* event, const WindowInfo& info);
static void InitDestroyWindowEvent(XEvent* event, XWindow xid);
// The 'mode' parameter is e.g. NotifyNormal, NotifyGrab, etc., and
// 'detail' is e.g. NotifyAncestor, NotifyVirtual, etc. See
// for more information about this.
static void InitFocusInEvent(
XEvent* event, XWindow xid, int mode, int detail);
static void InitFocusOutEvent(
XEvent* event, XWindow xid, int mode, int detail);
static void InitMapEvent(XEvent* event, XWindow xid);
static void InitMapRequestEvent(XEvent* event, const WindowInfo& info);
static void InitUnmapEvent(XEvent* event, XWindow xid);
bool GrabServerImpl() { return true; }
bool UngrabServerImpl() { return true; }
std::map<XWindow, std::tr1::shared_ptr<WindowInfo> > windows_;
// All windows other than the overlay and root, in top-to-bottom stacking
// order.
scoped_ptr<Stacker<XWindow> > stacked_xids_;
XWindow next_window_;
XWindow root_;
XWindow overlay_;
XAtom next_atom_;
std::map<std::string, XAtom> name_to_atom_;
std::map<XAtom, std::string> atom_to_name_;
std::map<XAtom, XWindow> selection_owners_;
XWindow focused_xid_;
// Window that has currently grabbed the pointer, or None.
XWindow pointer_grab_xid_;
} // namespace chromeos