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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "window_manager/x_connection.h"
namespace chromeos {
// This wraps an actual connection to an X server.
class RealXConnection : public XConnection {
explicit RealXConnection(Display* display);
bool GetWindowGeometry(
XWindow xid, int* x, int* y, int* width, int* height);
bool MapWindow(XWindow xid);
bool UnmapWindow(XWindow xid);
bool MoveWindow(XWindow xid, int x, int y);
bool ResizeWindow(XWindow xid, int width, int height);
bool ConfigureWindow(XWindow xid, int x, int y, int width, int height);
bool RaiseWindow(XWindow xid);
bool FocusWindow(XWindow xid, Time event_time);
bool StackWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow other, bool above);
bool ReparentWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow parent, int x, int y);
bool SetWindowBorderWidth(XWindow xid, int width);
bool SelectInputOnWindow(XWindow xid, int event_mask, bool preserve_existing);
bool DeselectInputOnWindow(XWindow xid, int event_mask);
bool AddPassiveButtonGrabOnWindow(XWindow xid, int button, int event_mask);
bool RemovePassiveButtonGrabOnWindow(XWindow xid, int button);
bool AddActivePointerGrabForWindow(
XWindow xid, int event_mask, Time timestamp);
bool RemoveActivePointerGrab(bool replay_events);
bool RemoveInputRegionFromWindow(XWindow xid);
bool GetSizeHintsForWindow(
XWindow xid, XSizeHints* hints, long* supplied_hints);
bool GetTransientHintForWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow* owner_out);
bool GetWindowAttributes(XWindow xid, XWindowAttributes* attr_out);
bool RedirectWindowForCompositing(XWindow xid);
bool UnredirectWindowForCompositing(XWindow xid);
XWindow GetCompositingOverlayWindow(XWindow root);
XWindow GetRootWindow() { return root_; }
XWindow CreateWindow(XWindow parent, int x, int y, int width, int height,
bool override_redirect, bool input_only, int event_mask);
bool DestroyWindow(XWindow xid);
bool IsWindowShaped(XWindow xid);
bool SelectShapeEventsOnWindow(XWindow xid);
bool GetWindowBoundingRegion(XWindow xid, ByteMap* bytemap);
bool SelectXRandREventsOnWindow(XWindow xid);
bool GetAtom(const std::string& name, XAtom* atom_out);
bool GetAtoms(const std::vector<std::string>& names,
std::vector<XAtom>* atoms_out);
bool GetAtomName(XAtom atom, std::string* name);
bool GetIntArrayProperty(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, std::vector<int>* values);
bool SetIntArrayProperty(
XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, XAtom type, const std::vector<int>& values);
bool GetStringProperty(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, std::string* out);
bool SetStringProperty(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, const std::string& value);
bool DeletePropertyIfExists(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom);
bool SendEvent(XWindow xid, XEvent* event, int event_mask);
bool WaitForEvent(XWindow xid, int event_mask, XEvent* event_out);
XWindow GetSelectionOwner(XAtom atom);
bool SetSelectionOwner(XAtom atom, XWindow xid, Time timestamp);
bool SetWindowCursor(XWindow xid, uint32 shape);
bool GetChildWindows(XWindow xid, std::vector<XWindow>* children_out);
bool GetParentWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow* parent);
KeySym GetKeySymFromKeyCode(uint32 keycode);
uint32 GetKeyCodeFromKeySym(KeySym keysym);
std::string GetStringFromKeySym(KeySym keysym);
bool GrabKey(KeyCode keycode, uint32 modifiers);
bool UngrabKey(KeyCode keycode, uint32 modifiers);
bool SetDetectableKeyboardAutoRepeat(bool detectable);
bool GrabServerImpl();
bool UngrabServerImpl();
// Install a custom error handler so we don't crash if we receive an
// error from the X server. Calls to TrapErrors() cannot be nested.
void TrapErrors();
// Remove the custom error handler, restoring the previously-installed
// handler. Returns the last-received error code or 0 if no errors were
// received.
int UntrapErrors();
// Get the code of the last error since TrapErrors() was called.
int GetLastErrorCode();
// Get a string describing an error code.
std::string GetErrorText(int error_code);
// The actual connection to the X server.
Display* display_;
// The root window.
XWindow root_;
// ID for the UTF8_STRING atom (we look this up ourselves so as to avoid
// a circular dependency with AtomCache).
XAtom utf8_string_atom_;
} // namespace chromeos