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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
extern "C" {
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xutil.h>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/scoped_ptr.h"
namespace chromeos {
typedef ::Atom XAtom;
typedef ::Window XWindow;
class ByteMap; // from util.h
template<class T> class Stacker; // from util.h
// This is an abstract base class representing a connection to the X
// server.
class XConnection {
: shape_event_base_(0),
server_grabbed_(false) {
virtual ~XConnection() {}
// Get the base event ID for extension events.
int shape_event_base() const { return shape_event_base_; }
int xrandr_event_base() const { return xrandr_event_base_; }
// Get the position and dimensions of a window.
// Unwanted parameters can be NULL.
virtual bool GetWindowGeometry(
XWindow xid, int* x, int* y, int* width, int* height) = 0;
// Map or unmap a window.
virtual bool MapWindow(XWindow xid) = 0;
virtual bool UnmapWindow(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Move or resize a window. 'width' and 'height' must be positive.
virtual bool MoveWindow(XWindow xid, int x, int y) = 0;
virtual bool ResizeWindow(XWindow xid, int width, int height) = 0;
virtual bool ConfigureWindow(
XWindow xid, int x, int y, int width, int height) = 0;
// Configure a window to be 1x1 and offscreen.
virtual bool ConfigureWindowOffscreen(XWindow xid) {
return ConfigureWindow(xid, -1, -1, 1, 1);
// Raise a window on top of all other windows.
virtual bool RaiseWindow(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Stack a window directly above or below another window.
virtual bool StackWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow other, bool above) = 0;
// Give keyboard focus to a window. 'event_time' should be the
// server-supplied time of the event that caused the window to be
// focused.
virtual bool FocusWindow(XWindow xid, Time event_time) = 0;
// Reparent a window in another window.
virtual bool ReparentWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow parent, int x, int y) = 0;
// Set the width of a window's border.
virtual bool SetWindowBorderWidth(XWindow xid, int width) = 0;
// Select input events on a window. If 'preserve_existing' is true, the
// existing input selection for the window will be preserved.
virtual bool SelectInputOnWindow(XWindow xid,
int event_mask,
bool preserve_existing) = 0;
// Deselect certain input events on a window.
virtual bool DeselectInputOnWindow(XWindow xid, int event_mask) = 0;
// Grab the server, preventing other clients from communicating with it.
// These methods invoke GrabServerImpl() and UngrabServerImpl().
bool GrabServer();
bool UngrabServer();
// Install a passive button grab on a window. When the specified button
// is pressed, a synchronous active pointer grab will begin.
virtual bool AddPassiveButtonGrabOnWindow(
XWindow xid, int button, int event_mask) = 0;
// Uninstall a passive button grab.
virtual bool RemovePassiveButtonGrabOnWindow(XWindow xid, int button) = 0;
// Actively grab the pointer. Returns false if an error occurs or if the
// grab fails (e.g. because it's already grabbed by another client).
virtual bool AddActivePointerGrabForWindow(
XWindow xid, int event_mask, Time timestamp) = 0;
// Replay the pointer events that occurred during the current synchronous
// active pointer grab (sending them to the original window instead of
// just to the grabbing client) and remove the active grab.
virtual bool RemoveActivePointerGrab(bool replay_events) = 0;
// Remove the input region from a window, so that events fall through it.
virtual bool RemoveInputRegionFromWindow(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Get the size hints for a window.
virtual bool GetSizeHintsForWindow(
XWindow xid, XSizeHints* hints_out, long* supplied_hints_out) = 0;
// Get the transient-for hint for a window.
virtual bool GetTransientHintForWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow* owner_out) = 0;
// Get a window's attributes.
virtual bool GetWindowAttributes(
XWindow xid, XWindowAttributes* attr_out) = 0;
// Redirect the window to an offscreen pixmap so it can be composited.
virtual bool RedirectWindowForCompositing(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Undo a previous call to RedirectWindowForCompositing(). This is
// useful when a plugin window gets reparented away from the root and we
// realize that we won't need to composite it after all.
virtual bool UnredirectWindowForCompositing(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Get the overlay window. (XComposite provides a window that is stacked
// below the screensaver window but above all other windows).
virtual XWindow GetCompositingOverlayWindow(XWindow root) = 0;
virtual XWindow GetRootWindow() = 0;
// Create a new override-redirect window. 'width' and 'height' must be
// positive. 'event_mask' determines which events the window receives;
// it takes values from the "Input Event Masks" section of X.h. The
// window is a child of 'parent'.
virtual XWindow CreateWindow(
XWindow parent,
int x, int y,
int width, int height,
bool override_redirect,
bool input_only,
int event_mask) = 0;
// Destroy a window.
virtual bool DestroyWindow(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Has a window's bounding region been shaped using the Shape extension?
virtual bool IsWindowShaped(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Select ShapeNotify events on a window.
virtual bool SelectShapeEventsOnWindow(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Get the rectangles defining a window's bounding region.
virtual bool GetWindowBoundingRegion(XWindow xid, ByteMap* bytemap) = 0;
// Select XRandR events on a window.
virtual bool SelectXRandREventsOnWindow(XWindow xid) = 0;
// Look up the X ID for a single atom, creating it if necessary.
virtual bool GetAtom(const std::string& name, XAtom* atom_out) = 0;
// Look up all of the atoms in 'names' in the X server, creating them if
// necessary, and return the corresponding atom X IDs.
virtual bool GetAtoms(const std::vector<std::string>& names,
std::vector<XAtom>* atoms_out) = 0;
// Get the name of the passed-in atom, saving it to 'name'. Returns
// false if the atom isn't present in the server.
virtual bool GetAtomName(XAtom atom, std::string* name) = 0;
// Get or set a property consisting of a single 32-bit integer.
// Calls the corresponding abstract {Get,Set}IntArrayProperty() method.
bool GetIntProperty(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, int* value);
bool SetIntProperty(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, XAtom type, int value);
// Get or set a property consisting of one or more 32-bit integers.
virtual bool GetIntArrayProperty(
XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, std::vector<int>* values) = 0;
virtual bool SetIntArrayProperty(
XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, XAtom type, const std::vector<int>& values) = 0;
// Get or set a string property (of type STRING or UTF8_STRING when
// getting and UTF8_STRING when setting).
virtual bool GetStringProperty(
XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, std::string* out) = 0;
virtual bool SetStringProperty(
XWindow xid, XAtom xatom, const std::string& value) = 0;
// Delete a property on a window if it exists.
virtual bool DeletePropertyIfExists(XWindow xid, XAtom xatom) = 0;
// Send an event to a window. If 'event_mask' is 0, the event is sent to
// the client that created the window; otherwise the event is sent to all
// clients selecting any of the event types included in the mask.
virtual bool SendEvent(XWindow xid, XEvent* event, int event_mask) = 0;
// Search the event queue for a particular type of event for the
// passed-in window, and then remove and return the event. Blocks if a
// matching event hasn't yet been received.
virtual bool WaitForEvent(XWindow xid, int event_mask, XEvent* event_out) = 0;
// Get the window owning the passed-in selection, or set the owner for a
// selection.
virtual XWindow GetSelectionOwner(XAtom atom) = 0;
virtual bool SetSelectionOwner(XAtom atom, XWindow xid, Time timestamp) = 0;
// Change the cursor for a window. 'shape' is a definition from
// Xlib's cursorfont.h header.
virtual bool SetWindowCursor(XWindow xid, uint32 shape) = 0;
// Get all subwindows of a window in bottom-to-top stacking order.
virtual bool GetChildWindows(
XWindow xid, std::vector<XWindow>* children_out) = 0;
// Get a window's parent.
virtual bool GetParentWindow(XWindow xid, XWindow* parent) = 0;
// Convert between keysyms and keycodes.
// Keycodes fit inside of unsigned 8-bit values, but some of the testing
// code relies on keycodes and keysyms being interchangeable, so we use
// 32-bit values here instead.
virtual KeySym GetKeySymFromKeyCode(uint32 keycode) = 0;
virtual uint32 GetKeyCodeFromKeySym(KeySym keysym) = 0;
// Get the string representation of a keysym. Returns the empty string
// for unknown keysyms.
virtual std::string GetStringFromKeySym(KeySym keysym) = 0;
// Grab or ungrab a key combination.
virtual bool GrabKey(KeyCode keycode, uint32 modifiers) = 0;
virtual bool UngrabKey(KeyCode keycode, uint32 modifiers) = 0;
// When auto-repeating a key combo, the X Server may send:
// KeyPress @ time_0 <-- Key pressed down
// KeyRelease @ time_1 <-- First auto-repeat
// KeyPress @ time_1 <-- First auto-repeat, cont.
// KeyRelease @ time_2 <-- Key released
// Calling XkbSetDetectableAutorepeat() changes this behavior for this
// client only to:
// KeyPress @ time_0 <-- Key pressed down
// KeyPress @ time_1 <-- First auto-repeat
// KeyRelease @ time_2 <-- Key released
// This clears up the problem with mis-reporting an auto-repeat key
// release as an actual key release. Thanks!:
// TODO(tedbo): I lied. On the HP Mini 1000, for some reason it does
// *not* clear up the issue. On my gHardy desktop it does work.
// Why!!!!!!???
virtual bool SetDetectableKeyboardAutoRepeat(bool detectable) = 0;
// Value that should be used in event and property 'format' fields for
// byte and long arguments.
static const int kByteFormat;
static const int kLongFormat;
// Base IDs for extension events. Implementations should initialize
// these in their constructors.
int shape_event_base_;
int xrandr_event_base_;
virtual bool GrabServerImpl() = 0;
virtual bool UngrabServerImpl() = 0;
bool server_grabbed_;
}; // namespace chromeos