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  1. e571fa5 Add python symlink to python3 by Anh Le · 3 weeks ago main release-R115-15474.B
  2. c3ff69d [satlab] Add gbb_utility as symlink of futility by Anh Le · 8 months ago factory-skyrim-15384.B firmware-skyrim-15369.B firmware-skyrim-15390.B release-R110-15278.B release-R111-15329.B release-R112-15359.B release-R113-15393.B release-R114-15437.B stabilize-15278.64.B stabilize-15300.B stabilize-15301.B stabilize-15317.B stabilize-15329.44.B stabilize-15329.59.B stabilize-15335.B stabilize-15359.45.B stabilize-15359.50.B stabilize-15359.58.B stabilize-15361.B stabilize-15364.B stabilize-15381.B stabilize-15393.48.B stabilize-15393.58.B stabilize-15395.B stabilize-15415.B stabilize-15429.B stabilize-15432.B stabilize-15439.B stabilize-15446.B stabilize-quickfix-15278.72.B
  3. 8efe542 dockerfile: Clean up no longer used files. by Keith Haddow · 8 months ago factory-brya-15231.B factory-corsola-15196.B factory-corsola-15197.B factory-nissa-15199.B factory-trogdor-15210.B firmware-corsola-15194.B firmware-nissa-15217.126.B firmware-nissa-15217.45.B firmware-nissa-15217.B release-R108-15183.B release-R109-15236.B stabilize-15167.B stabilize-15174.B stabilize-15183.14.B stabilize-15183.69.B stabilize-15183.82.B stabilize-15185.7.B stabilize-15185.B stabilize-15207.B stabilize-15208.B stabilize-15236.66.B stabilize-15245.B stabilize-15251.B stabilize-quickfix-15183.78.B
  4. 208a719 xolabs: Change the dockerfile to use the base image from HW Tools by Keith Haddow · 8 months ago
  5. a6808fd [satlab] Fix build error and add sync by Anh Le · 1 year, 1 month ago factory-brya-14909.124.B factory-foobar-15000.B factory-guybrush-14908.B firmware-14947.B firmware-chameleon-14947.B firmware-duplo-15151.B firmware-ti50-mp-15224.B firmware-ti50-prepvt-15086.B release-R104-14909.B release-R105-14989.B release-R106-15054.B release-R107-15117.B stabilize-14839.B stabilize-14909.100.B stabilize-14918.B stabilize-14964.B stabilize-14989.107.B stabilize-14989.85.B stabilize-14998.B stabilize-15032.B stabilize-15033.B stabilize-15054.115.B stabilize-15054.26.B stabilize-15054.98.B stabilize-15072.B stabilize-15083.B stabilize-15086.B stabilize-15117.111.B stabilize-15117.48.B stabilize-15117.86.B stabilize-15120.B stabilize-15122.B stabilize-15129.B stabilize-quickfix-14909.132.B
  6. 5f0c063 [servod] Use meson to build flashrom instead of GNU make by Anh Le · 1 year, 5 months ago factory-14778.B factory-brya-14517.B factory-cherry-14455.B factory-firmware-ti50-guc-14778.B factory-guybrush-14600.B firmware-brya-14505.71.B firmware-brya-14505.B firmware-cherry-14454.B firmware-guybrush-14500.B release-R100-14526.B release-R101-14588.B release-R102-14695.B release-R103-14816.B release-R99-14469.B stabilize-14442.B stabilize-14469.41.B stabilize-14469.58.B stabilize-14469.8.B stabilize-14469.9.B stabilize-14477.B stabilize-14496.B stabilize-14498.B stabilize-14526.57.B stabilize-14526.67.B stabilize-14526.73.B stabilize-14526.84.B stabilize-14526.89.B stabilize-14528.B stabilize-14532.B stabilize-14536.B stabilize-14588.123.B stabilize-14588.14.B stabilize-14588.98.B stabilize-14589.B stabilize-14616.B stabilize-14633.B stabilize-14682.B stabilize-14695.107.B stabilize-14695.85.B stabilize-14771.B stabilize-14790.B stabilize-14803.B stabilize-14816.131.B stabilize-14816.138.B stabilize-14816.82.B stabilize-14816.84.B stabilize-quickfix-14526.91.B stabilize-quickfix-14695.124.B stabilize-quickfix-14695.187.B stabilize-voshyr-14637.B stabilize-wristpin-14469.59.B
  7. c02191d [servod] Remove git repo folders after installation by Anh Le · 1 year, 5 months ago
  8. d316262 [servod] Add ChromeOS flashrom to servod container by Anh Le · 1 year, 6 months ago stabilize-14395.B stabilize-14396.B stabilize-14411.B stabilize-14438.B
  9. e942d47 [satlab] Add futility to servod container by Anh Le · 1 year, 6 months ago factory-kukui-14374.B release-R98-14388.B stabilize-14385.B stabilize-14388.52.B stabilize-14388.61.B stabilize-14388.62.B
  10. 8bb2449 [servod] Add command to update servo firmware by Anh Le · 1 year, 8 months ago factory-ambassador-14265.B firmware-chameleon-14280.B firmware-cr50-stab-14294.B firmware-cr50-stab-mp-14300.B release-R96-14268.B release-R97-14324.B stabilize-14249.B stabilize-14267.B stabilize-14268.51.B stabilize-14268.52.B stabilize-14268.67.B stabilize-14285.B stabilize-14312.B stabilize-14321.B stabilize-14324.13.B stabilize-14324.41.B stabilize-14324.62.B stabilize-14324.72.B stabilize-14333.B stabilize-14336.B stabilize-14345.B stabilize-ambassador-14268.43.B
  11. 27e2816 [servod] Add WARN_ONLY_ON_UNKNOWN_ENV variable to servod container by Anh Le · 1 year, 8 months ago stabilize-14235.B stabilize-14238.B
  12. 6d7d5a8 [servod] Enable udev for servo remounting by Anh Le · 1 year, 9 months ago stabilize-rust-14220.B stabilize-rust-14224.B stabilize-rust-14225.B
  13. 0624553 Merge "[servod] New firmware servo v4p1" into main by Anh Le · 1 year, 9 months ago stabilize-14217.B
  14. c00906b [servod] New firmware servo v4p1 by Anh Le · 1 year, 9 months ago
  15. 2a14d9c servod: Add label to Dockerfile to avoid watchtower updating it. by Keith Haddow · 1 year, 10 months ago factory-14162.B factory-keeby-14162.B release-R94-14150.49.B release-R94-14150.B stabilize-14149.B stabilize-14150.376.B stabilize-14150.43.B stabilize-14150.64.B stabilize-14150.734.B stabilize-14150.74.B stabilize-14150.881.B stabilize-14150.882.B stabilize-14151.B stabilize-14163.B stabilize-14178.B stabilize-14179.B stabilize-14189.B
  16. ba8e206 servod: Move cbfstool to a separate image by Anh Le · 1 year, 11 months ago firmware-keeby-14119.B stabilize-14106.B
  17. e72740f [servod] Get coreboot v4.14 instead of ToT by Anh Le · 1 year, 11 months ago release-R93-14092.B stabilize-14092.57.B stabilize-14092.66.B stabilize-14093.B stabilize-14094.B
  18. c17ba76 Merge "[xo-labs] Add servod docker container README" into main by Anh Le · 1 year, 11 months ago stabilize-14057.B stabilize-RUST-14057.B
  19. 7326c1c Merge "[servod] Add shebang to start/stop servod scripts" into main by Anh Le · 2 years ago
  20. c3a4676 [servod] Add shebang to start/stop servod scripts by Anh Le · 2 years ago