Treeya: Disable Zero Finger Click

TreeyaC uses the same mechanism as Lick,so it has the same
mechanic issue,so we need disable zero finger click to avoid
mechanic issue around the touchpad:

Namely hold the device and shake it intensively, it would
generate false input events, which potentially causes an
involuntary UI event from user's perspective.

This patch disable "Zero Finger Clicks" to
mitigate ghost events; even click is reported physically,
the higher level gesture-interpreter will suppress it
so there will be no fingers action on the UI layer.

TreeyaC has multiple possible touchpads, both Elan and Synaptics.
And disabling this Zero Finger Click will not have any effect on

TEST=emerge and deploy to DUT,check this conf
has been installed to DUT and verify this issue can not
reproduce on TreeyaC,meanwhile verify this change does
not have any side effect on Treeya.

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