Increase palm rejection region for atlas

There are complaints from users about the cursor moving and false taps
while using the keyboard.  This CL increases the size of the palm
rejection region on the sides of the touchpad, tuned based on their
feedback reports.

It does cause regressions on two tests: One testing pinching near the
edges and one testing tapping near the edges. Both of these tests were
created under an artificial environment, so they are less important than
the real-world failures this CL improves.

TEST=Tested manually and against feedback reports

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Reviewed-by: Matthew Blecker <>
Tested-by: Sean O'Brien <>
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diff --git a/50-touchpad-cmt-atlas.conf b/50-touchpad-cmt-atlas.conf
index b5c37c1..a570ec7 100644
--- a/50-touchpad-cmt-atlas.conf
+++ b/50-touchpad-cmt-atlas.conf
@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@
     Option          "Pressure Calibration Slope"  "1.0"
     Option          "Palm Filter Top Edge Enable" "1"
-    Option          "Tap Exclusion Border Width" "3.0"
-    Option          "Palm Edge Zone Width" "6.0"
+    Option          "Tap Exclusion Border Width" "8.0"
+    Option          "Palm Edge Zone Width" "12.0"
     Option          "Tap Minimum Pressure" "19.0"
     Option          "Palm Pressure" "100.0"