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Section "Module"
Load "glx"
Section "Device"
Identifier "Tegra"
Driver "nvidia"
Option "ConstrainCursor" "false"
Option "NoLogo" "true"
# SeamlessTransitionFromSplash when set true, driver copies framebuffer
# pixels to root window and if copy is successful then sets canDoBGNoneRoot
# flag. The default framebuffer device used to read pixels is "/dev/fb0".
Option "SeamlessTransitionFromSplash" "true"
# PerHeadFlipping when set true, flips back-buffer of the updated
# drawable to the head on which the drawable is fullscreen.
Option "PerHeadFlipping" "true"
# OverlayDepth is a 32-bit integer which is used to control overlay
# stacking order. The overlay with the lowest depth is in front of
# all others. This value has meaning only when multiple overlays are
# present on a display. This value can range between 0 & 255 (both values
# inclusive). The default being 255.
# Option "OverlayDepth" "0"
# OverlayCombineMode determines how the X overlay is combined with the
# overlay behind it during scanout. Available modes are: Opaque
# (default), SourceAlphaBlend, and PremultSourceAlphaBlend. This
# value has meaning only when an external process has created a
# display which is behind the X server.
# Option "OverlayCombineMode" "PremultSourceAlphaBlend"
# ARGBHWCursor controls whether the X driver uses an overlay to
# display 32-bit "true-color" cursors, or whether such cursors are
# emulated in software. Valid values are "true" to enable hardware
# cursors, and "false" (default) to disable them.
Option "ARGBHWCursor" "true"
# Set the maximum number of pixmap caches used by the X driver.
# Valid values are 0 through 16 (default)
# A value of 0 disables the use of the caches for pixmaps.
# To use less memory, but still retain performance, the recommendation
# is to use one pixmap heap, set a small size, and limit the size
# of the surfaces that utilizes the pixmap cache.
# Option "PixmapCacheMaxHeaps" "1"
# Set the size of each pixmap cache, in bytes.
# Valid values are 64 KiB though 64 MiB. Up to
# "PixmapCacheMaxHeaps" (see above) will be allocated
# if necessary. The default value is 8 MiB.
# Option "PixmapCacheSize" "65536"
# Set the maximum size for a surface that uses
# the pixmap cache. If a surface exceeds this size
# it will be allocated as a separate allocation, outside
# the pixmap cache.
# The default value is the same as "PixmapCacheSize"
# Option "PixmapCacheMaxSurfaceSize" "4096"
# Use monitor section with identifier LVDS for output named LVDS-1
# Option "monitor-LVDS-1" "LVDS"
# Option "monitor-HDMI-1" "HDMI"
Section "ServerFlags"
Option "NoTrapSignals" "true"
Option "DontZap" "false"
# Disable DPMS timeouts.
Option "StandbyTime" "0"
Option "SuspendTime" "0"
Option "OffTime" "0"
# Disable screen saver timeout.
Option "BlankTime" "0"