Lick: Disable Zero Finger Click

Disable zero finger click to avoid mechanic issue around the touchpad:
Namely hold the device and shake it intensively, it would
generate false input events, which potentially causes an
involuntary UI event from user's perspective.

This patch disable "Zero Finger Clicks" to
mitigate ghost events; even click is reported physically,
the higher level gesture-interpreter will suppress it
so there will be no fingers action on the UI layer.

"Lick" has multiple possible touchpads, both Elan and Synaptics.

TEST=emerge and deploy, check conf install onto DUT,
     intensively shake device while watching stream video,
     make sure video won't suddenly stop playing while no fingers
     touch the touchpad.

Signed-off-by: Hash.Hung <>
Change-Id: I0bc75dfb4a7694e328c90a8d5236279581a0fac5
Reviewed-by: Daniel Kurtz <>
Reviewed-by: Justin TerAvest <>
Tested-by: Henry Sun <>
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