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Some common workflows for developing with buffet:
# Tell portage that you'd like to make local changes to Buffet:
cros_workon start --board=${BOARD} buffet
# Edit files in platform2/buffet/
vim ...
# Compile and install those changes into the chroot:
USE=buffet emerge-${BOARD} buffet
# Compile and run buffet unittests
USE=buffet FEATURES=test emerge-${BOARD} buffet
# Deploy the most recently built version of buffet to a DUT:
cros deploy --board=${BOARD} <remote host> buffet
#To enable additional debug logging in buffet daemon, run it as:
# buffet --v=<level>, where <level> is verbosity level of debug info:
# 1 - enable additional tracing of internal object construction and destruction
# 2 - add tracing of request and response data sent over HTTP (beware of
# privacy concerns).
# 3 - enable low-level CURL tracing for HTTP communication.
buffet --v=2