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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <base/files/file_util.h>
#include <base/time/time.h>
#include <gtest/gtest_prod.h> // for FRIEND_TEST
#include "vpn-manager/service_manager.h"
namespace chromeos {
class Process;
namespace vpn_manager {
// Manages the L2TP daemon. This manager orchestrates configuring and
// launching the L2TP daemon, initiating the L2TP connection, and
// detecting when PPP has been set up. It also sends user credentials
// to PPP through the L2TP control fifo unless the user has specified
// a PPP plugin should be used, which it will defer to. Current
// implementation assumes a connection that has been stopped will not
// be started again with the same object.
class L2tpManager : public ServiceManager {
L2tpManager(bool default_route,
bool length_bit,
bool require_chap,
bool refuse_pap,
bool require_authentication,
const std::string& password,
bool ppp_debug,
int ppp_setup_timeout,
const std::string& pppd_plugin,
bool use_peer_dns,
const std::string& user,
bool system_config);
~L2tpManager() override = default;
// Getters for private values, needed for unit tests.
int GetPppSetupTimeoutForTesting();
// Setters for private values, needed for unit tests.
void SetDefaultRouteForTesting(bool default_route);
void SetPasswordForTesting(const std::string& password);
void SetPppdPluginForTesting(const std::string& pppd_plugin);
void SetUsePeerDnsForTesting(bool use_peer_dns);
void SetUserForTesting(const std::string& user);
void SetSystemConfigForTesting(bool system_config);
// Initialize the object using |remote_host|. Returns false if
// an illegal set of parameters has been given. Has no side effects
// other than setting up the object.
bool Initialize(const sockaddr& remote_address);
bool Start() override;
void Stop() override;
int Poll() override;
void ProcessOutput() override;
void ProcessPppOutput();
bool IsChild(pid_t pid) override;
void OnSyslogOutput(const std::string& prefix,
const std::string& line) override;
// Returns the stderr output file descriptor of our child process.
int output_fd() const { return output_fd_; }
// Returns the log output file descriptor of the ppp daemon.
int ppp_output_fd() const { return ppp_output_fd_; }
friend class L2tpManagerTest;
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, FormatL2tpdConfiguration);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, FormatPppdConfiguration);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, Initiate);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, PollInitiateConnection);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, PollNothingIfRunning);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, PollTimeoutWaitingForControl);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, PollTimeoutWaitingForUp);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, PollTransitionToUp);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, PollWaitIfNotUpYet);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, Start);
FRIEND_TEST(L2tpManagerTest, Terminate);
bool CreatePppLogFifo();
std::string FormatL2tpdConfiguration(const std::string& ppp_config_path);
std::string FormatPppdConfiguration();
bool Initiate();
bool Terminate();
// Command line flags.
bool default_route_;
bool length_bit_;
bool require_chap_;
bool refuse_pap_;
bool require_authentication_;
std::string password_;
bool ppp_debug_;
int ppp_setup_timeout_;
std::string pppd_plugin_;
bool use_peer_dns_;
std::string user_;
bool system_config_;
// Has the L2TP connection been initiated yet.
bool was_initiated_;
// l2tp daemon stderr pipe file descriptor.
int output_fd_;
// ppp daemon log pipe file descriptor.
int ppp_output_fd_;
// Start time of the l2tp daemon.
base::TimeTicks start_ticks_;
// Remote address for L2TP connection.
struct sockaddr remote_address_;
// Remote address for L2TP connection (as a string).
std::string remote_address_text_;
// Last partial line read from output_fd_.
std::string partial_output_line_;
// Last partial line read from ppp_output_fd_.
std::string partial_ppp_output_line_;
// Path to a file whose existence indicates the ppp device is up.
base::FilePath ppp_interface_path_;
// Path to ppp daemon's log file.
base::FilePath ppp_output_path_;
// Path to l2tp daemon's control file.
base::FilePath l2tpd_control_path_;
// Running l2tp process.
std::unique_ptr<chromeos::Process> l2tpd_;
} // namespace vpn_manager