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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <cstdint>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <base/memory/scoped_ptr.h>
#include "binder_export.h" // NOLINT(build/include)
#include "parcel.h" // NOLINT(build/include)
namespace protobinder {
class BinderProxy;
class IInterface;
// Interface for a singleton class for communicating using the binder protocol.
class BINDER_EXPORT BinderManagerInterface {
// Returns the singleton instance of BinderManagerInterface, creating it if
// necessary.
static BinderManagerInterface* Get();
// Overrides the automatically-created instance returned by Get(). Can be
// called by tests to install their own BinderManagerStub.
static void SetForTesting(scoped_ptr<BinderManagerInterface> manager);
virtual ~BinderManagerInterface() = default;
virtual int Transact(uint32_t handle,
uint32_t code,
const Parcel& data,
Parcel* reply,
uint32_t flags) = 0;
virtual void IncWeakHandle(uint32_t handle) = 0;
virtual void DecWeakHandle(uint32_t handle) = 0;
virtual void EnterLoop() = 0;
virtual bool GetFdForPolling(int* fd) = 0;
virtual bool HandleEvent() = 0;
// Creates or clears a request for binder death notifications.
// End-users should use BinderProxy::SetDeathCallback() instead of calling
// these methods directly.
virtual void RequestDeathNotification(BinderProxy* proxy) = 0;
virtual void ClearDeathNotification(BinderProxy* proxy) = 0;
// If a test IInterface has been registered for |binder|, returns it.
// Otherwise, returns nullptr.
virtual IInterface* CreateTestInterface(const IBinder* binder) = 0;
// Real implementation of BinderManagerInterface that communicates with the
// kernel via /dev/binder.
class BINDER_EXPORT BinderManager : public BinderManagerInterface {
~BinderManager() override;
// BinderManagerInterface:
int Transact(uint32_t handle,
uint32_t code,
const Parcel& data,
Parcel* reply,
uint32_t flags) override;
void IncWeakHandle(uint32_t handle) override;
void DecWeakHandle(uint32_t handle) override;
void EnterLoop() override;
bool GetFdForPolling(int* fd) override;
bool HandleEvent() override;
void RequestDeathNotification(BinderProxy* proxy) override;
void ClearDeathNotification(BinderProxy* proxy) override;
IInterface* CreateTestInterface(const IBinder* binder) override;
bool WriteCmd(void* data, size_t len);
int WaitAndActionReply(Parcel* reply);
static void ReleaseBinderBuffer(Parcel* parcel,
const uint8_t* data,
size_t data_size,
const binder_size_t* objects,
size_t objects_size,
void* cookie);
bool DoBinderReadWriteIoctl(bool do_read);
int SetUpTransaction(bool is_reply,
uint32_t handle,
uint32_t code,
const Parcel& data,
uint32_t flags);
// Process a single command from binder.
int ProcessCommand(uint32_t cmd);
bool GetNextCommandAndProcess();
int SendReply(const Parcel& reply, int error_code);
int binder_fd_;
void* binder_mapped_address_;
// These parcels are used to pass binder ioctl commands to binder.
// They carry binder command buffers, not to be confused with Parcels
// used in Transactions which carry user data.
Parcel out_commands_;
Parcel in_commands_;
} // namespace protobinder