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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# File to store firmware information derived from crossystem.
# Set up bios information for chrome://system and userfeedback
# Need to do this before user can request in chrome
# moved here to keep out of critical boot path
# Function for showing switch info as reported by crossystem
# $1 - crossystem parameter
# $2 - string to return if the value is 0
# $3 - string to return if the value is 1
# if $(crossystem $1) reports something else - return 'failure'
swstate () {
case "$(crossystem $1)" in
(0) echo $2;;
(1) echo $3;;
(*) echo 'failure'
# Function for showing boot reason as reported by crossystem.
bootreason () {
local reason=$(crossystem 'recovery_reason')
echo -n "($reason): "
case "$reason" in
(0) echo "$(crossystem 'mainfw_type')";;
(1) echo 'Legacy firmware recovery request';;
(2) echo 'User pressed recovery button';;
(3) echo 'Both RW firmware sections invalid';;
(4) echo 'S3 resume failed';;
(5) echo 'RO firmware reported TPM error';;
(6) echo 'Verified boot shared data initialization error';;
(7) echo 'S3Resume() test error';;
(8) echo 'LoadFirmwareSetup() test error';;
(8) echo 'LoadFirmware() test error';;
(63) echo 'Unknown RO firmware error';;
(65) echo 'User requested recovery at dev warning screen';;
(66) echo 'No valid kernel detected';;
(67) echo 'Kernel failed signature check';;
(68) echo 'RW firmware reported TPM error';;
(69) echo 'Developer RW firmware with the developer switch off';;
(70) echo 'RW firmware shared data error';;
(71) echo 'LoadKernel() test error';;
(127) echo 'Unknown RW firmware error';;
(129) echo 'DM verity failure';;
(191) echo 'Unknown kernel error';;
(193) echo 'Recovery mode test from user-mode';;
(255) echo 'Unknown user mode error';;
if ! mosys -l smbios info bios > ${BIOS_INFO_FILE} 2> /dev/null; then
# If a sub-command is not available on a platform, mosys will fail with
# a non-zero exit code (EXIT_FAILURE) and print the help menu. For example,
# this will happen if a "mosys smbios" sub-command is run on ARM since ARM
# platforms do not support SMBIOS. If mosys fails, delete the output file to
# avoid placing non-relevant or confusing output in /var/log.
echo "version | $(crossystem fwid)" > ${BIOS_INFO_FILE}
ro bios version | $(crossystem ro_fwid)
Boot switch status:
Recovery button: $(swstate 'recoverysw_boot' 'released' 'pressed')
Developer mode: $(swstate 'devsw_boot' 'not enabled' 'selected')
RO firmware: $(swstate 'wpsw_boot' 'writeable' 'protected')
Boot reason $(bootreason)
Boot firmware: $(crossystem 'mainfw_act')
Active EC code: $(crossystem 'ecfw_act')
Raw log:
$(crossystem --all)