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# Copyright 2012 The ChromiumOS Authors
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
description "Chrome OS user interface"
author ""
oom score never
# The ui job post-stop script depends on a variety of daemons to be
# up and running during shutdown. In general, those daemons run
# from jobs that use 'stop on stopping boot-services'. In general,
# if a job says 'stop on stopping fubar', the job's 'post-stop'
# script runs *after* the the main process for 'fubar' is already
# dead. So, to guarantee correct operation, the 'ui' job can't use
# 'stop on stopping boot-services'.
# We use this job to delay 'stopping boot-services' until after the
# 'ui' job cleans up. The basic operation is this:
# + The 'ui' job stop conditions prevent this job's 'started'
# event until the 'post-stop' script completes.
# + This job stops itself with its own 'started' event.
# + The 'stopping boot-services' event doesn't happen until
# all of the preceding steps complete.
start on starting halt or starting reboot
stop on started pre-shutdown
# Log that we're shutting down and why we're doing it before rsyslogd stops.
# If SHUTDOWN_REASON is unset, the request didn't come from powerd. This
# typically means that someone or something called
# shutdown/halt/poweroff/reboot/etc. directly.
# This message is scraped by Tast to diagnose reboots. Please do not change
# its format.
pre-start exec logger -t "${UPSTART_JOB}" \
"Shutting down for ${JOB}: ${SHUTDOWN_REASON:-not-via-powerd}"