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// Copyright 2014 The ChromiumOS Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "power_manager/common/power_constants.h"
#include "power_manager/powerd/policy/backlight_controller_observer.h"
#include "power_manager/powerd/system/udev_tagged_device_observer.h"
#include "power_manager/proto_bindings/backlight.pb.h"
namespace power_manager {
class PrefsInterface;
namespace system {
class AcpiWakeupHelperInterface;
class CrosEcHelperInterface;
class TaggedDevice;
class UdevInterface;
} // namespace system
namespace policy {
// Configures wakeup-capable devices according to the current lid state.
class InputDeviceController : public policy::BacklightControllerObserver,
public system::UdevTaggedDeviceObserver {
// Powerd tags.
static const char kTagInhibit[];
static const char kTagUsableWhenDocked[];
static const char kTagUsableWhenDisplayOff[];
static const char kTagUsableWhenLaptop[];
static const char kTagUsableWhenTablet[];
static const char kTagWakeup[];
static const char kTagWakeupWhenDocked[];
static const char kTagWakeupWhenDisplayOff[];
static const char kTagWakeupWhenLaptop[];
static const char kTagWakeupWhenTablet[];
static const char kTagWakeupOnlyWhenUsable[];
static const char kTagWakeupDisabled[];
// Sysfs power/wakeup constants.
static const char kWakeupEnabled[];
static const char kWakeupDisabled[];
static const char kInhibited[];
// ACPI device names.
static const char kTPAD[];
static const char kTSCR[];
static const char kCRFP[];
// Describes which mode the system is currently in, depending on e.g. the
// state of the lid.
enum class Mode {
CLOSED = 0, // Lid closed, no external monitor attached.
DOCKED, // Lid closed, external monitor attached.
DISPLAY_OFF, // Internal display off, external monitor attached.
LAPTOP, // Lid open.
TABLET, // Tablet mode, e.g. lid open more than 180 degrees.
InputDeviceController() = default;
InputDeviceController(const InputDeviceController&) = delete;
InputDeviceController& operator=(const InputDeviceController&) = delete;
~InputDeviceController() override;
void Init(policy::BacklightController* backlight_controller,
system::UdevInterface* udev,
system::AcpiWakeupHelperInterface* acpi_wakeup_helper,
system::CrosEcHelperInterface* ec_helper,
LidState lid_state,
TabletMode tablet_mode,
DisplayMode display_mode,
PrefsInterface* prefs);
void SetLidState(LidState lid_state);
void SetTabletMode(TabletMode tablet_mode);
void SetDisplayMode(DisplayMode display_mode);
// Implementation of TaggedDeviceObserver.
void OnTaggedDeviceChanged(const system::TaggedDevice& device) override;
void OnTaggedDeviceRemoved(const system::TaggedDevice& device) override;
// Overridden from policy::BacklightControllerObserver:
void OnBrightnessChange(double brightness_percent,
BacklightBrightnessChange_Cause cause,
BacklightController* source) override;
// Derive the currently applicable mode according to lid state.
Mode GetMode() const;
// Enables or disables wakeup from S3 for this device (through power/wakeup).
void SetWakeupFromS3(const system::TaggedDevice& device, bool enabled);
// Configures inhibit for |device| according to our policy.
void ConfigureInhibit(const system::TaggedDevice& device);
// Configures wakeup for |device| according to our policy.
void ConfigureWakeup(const system::TaggedDevice& device);
// Re-configures ACPI wakeup.
void ConfigureAcpiWakeup();
// Re-configures EC wakeup.
void ConfigureEcWakeup();
// Re-configures all known devices to reflect a policy change.
void UpdatePolicy();
system::UdevInterface* udev_ = nullptr; // weak
policy::BacklightController* backlight_controller_ = nullptr; // weak
system::AcpiWakeupHelperInterface* acpi_wakeup_helper_ = nullptr; // weak
system::CrosEcHelperInterface* ec_helper_ = nullptr; // weak
PrefsInterface* prefs_ = nullptr; // weak
LidState lid_state_ = LidState::OPEN;
TabletMode tablet_mode_ = TabletMode::OFF;
DisplayMode display_mode_ = DisplayMode::NORMAL;
bool backlight_enabled_ = false;
// The mode calculated in the most recent invocation of UpdatePolicy().
Mode mode_ = Mode::LAPTOP;
bool initialized_ = false;
} // namespace policy
} // namespace power_manager