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// Copyright 2012 The ChromiumOS Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/memory/weak_ptr.h>
#include <base/observer_list.h>
#include <base/time/time.h>
#include <base/timer/timer.h>
#include "power_manager/powerd/policy/ambient_light_handler.h"
#include "power_manager/powerd/policy/backlight_controller.h"
#include "power_manager/powerd/policy/backlight_controller_observer.h"
#include "power_manager/powerd/system/backlight_observer.h"
namespace power_manager {
class Clock;
class PrefsInterface;
namespace system {
class AmbientLightSensorInterface;
class BacklightInterface;
class DBusWrapperInterface;
} // namespace system
namespace policy {
class KeyboardBacklightControllerTest;
// Controls the keyboard backlight for devices with such a backlight.
class KeyboardBacklightController : public BacklightController,
public AmbientLightHandler::Delegate,
public BacklightControllerObserver,
public system::BacklightObserver {
// Helper class for tests that need to access internal state.
class TestApi {
explicit TestApi(KeyboardBacklightController* controller);
TestApi(const TestApi&) = delete;
TestApi& operator=(const TestApi&) = delete;
~TestApi() = default;
Clock* clock() { return controller_->clock_.get(); }
// Triggers |turn_off_timer_| or |video_timer_| and returns true. Returns
// false if the timer wasn't running.
[[nodiscard]] bool TriggerTurnOffTimeout();
[[nodiscard]] bool TriggerVideoTimeout();
KeyboardBacklightController* controller_; // weak
// Backlight brightness percent to use when the screen is dimmed.
static const double kDimPercent;
KeyboardBacklightController(const KeyboardBacklightController&) = delete;
KeyboardBacklightController& operator=(const KeyboardBacklightController&) =
~KeyboardBacklightController() override;
// Initializes the object. Ownership of passed-in pointers remains with the
// caller. |sensor| and |display_backlight_controller| may be NULL.
void Init(system::BacklightInterface* backlight,
PrefsInterface* prefs,
system::AmbientLightSensorInterface* sensor,
system::DBusWrapperInterface* dbus_wrapper,
BacklightController* display_backlight_controller,
LidState initial_lid_state,
TabletMode initial_tablet_mode);
// BacklightController implementation:
void AddObserver(BacklightControllerObserver* observer) override;
void RemoveObserver(BacklightControllerObserver* observer) override;
void HandlePowerSourceChange(PowerSource source) override;
void HandleDisplayModeChange(DisplayMode mode) override;
void HandleSessionStateChange(SessionState state) override;
void HandlePowerButtonPress() override;
void HandleLidStateChange(LidState state) override;
void HandleUserActivity(UserActivityType type) override;
void HandleVideoActivity(bool is_fullscreen) override;
void HandleWakeNotification() override;
void HandleHoverStateChange(bool hovering) override;
void HandleTabletModeChange(TabletMode mode) override;
void HandlePolicyChange(const PowerManagementPolicy& policy) override;
void HandleDisplayServiceStart() override;
void SetDimmedForInactivity(bool dimmed) override;
void SetOffForInactivity(bool off) override;
void SetSuspended(bool suspended) override;
void SetShuttingDown(bool shutting_down) override;
void SetForcedOff(bool forced_off) override;
bool GetForcedOff() override;
bool GetBrightnessPercent(double* percent) override;
int GetNumAmbientLightSensorAdjustments() const override;
int GetNumUserAdjustments() const override;
double LevelToPercent(int64_t level) const override;
int64_t PercentToLevel(double percent) const override;
// AmbientLightHandler::Delegate implementation:
void SetBrightnessPercentForAmbientLight(
double brightness_percent,
AmbientLightHandler::BrightnessChangeCause cause) override;
void OnColorTemperatureChanged(int color_temperature) override;
// BacklightControllerObserver implementation:
void OnBrightnessChange(double brightness_percent,
BacklightBrightnessChange_Cause cause,
BacklightController* source) override;
// system::BacklightObserver implementation:
void OnBacklightDeviceChanged(system::BacklightInterface* backlight) override;
// Handles |video_timer_| firing, indicating that video activity has stopped.
void HandleVideoTimeout();
// Returns true if hovering is active or if user activity or hovering was
// observed recently enough that the backlight should be kept on.
bool RecentlyHoveringOrUserActive() const;
// Stops or starts |turn_off_timer_| as needed based on the current values of
// |hovering_|, |last_hover_time_|, and |last_user_activity_time_|.
void UpdateTurnOffTimer();
// Handlers for requests sent via D-Bus.
void HandleIncreaseBrightnessRequest();
void HandleDecreaseBrightnessRequest(bool allow_off);
void HandleGetBrightnessRequest(double* percent_out, bool* success_out);
void HandleSetBrightnessRequest(double percent,
Transition transition,
SetBacklightBrightnessRequest_Cause cause);
void HandleToggleKeyboardBacklightRequest();
// Updates the current brightness after assessing the current state (based on
// |dimmed_for_inactivity_|, |off_for_inactivity_|, etc.). Should be called
// whenever the state changes. |transition| and |cause| are passed to
// ApplyBrightnessPercent(). Returns true if the brightness was changed and
// false otherwise.
bool UpdateState(Transition transition,
BacklightBrightnessChange_Cause cause);
// Returns true if we want ApplyBrightnessPercent() to bypass its test for
// whether the brightness percentage has actually changed from
// current_percent_. This is for cases where the percentage hasn't
// changed but we still need to officially signal a brightness change.
bool BypassBrightnessPercentageHasChangedTest(
Transition transition, BacklightBrightnessChange_Cause cause);
// Sets the backlight's brightness to |percent| over |transition|.
// Returns true and notifies observers if the brightness was changed.
bool ApplyBrightnessPercent(double percent,
Transition transition,
BacklightBrightnessChange_Cause cause);
// Returns true if the |user_steps_| is valid; otherwise returns false.
bool ValidateUserSteps(std::string* err_msg);
// Calculates scaled percentages in |user_steps_| from raw percentages.
void ScaleUserSteps();
// Calculates raw percentages to scaled percentages in |user_steps_|.
double RawPercentToPercent(double raw_percent) const;
// Calculates scaled percentages in |user_steps_| to raw percentages.
double PercentToRawPercent(double percent) const;
// Converts a percent brightness into an index of the closest value in
// `user_steps_`.
ssize_t PercentToUserStepIndex(double percent) const;
// A default backlight brightness, represented by an index in `user_steps_`.
// `startup_brightness_percent` is the brightness of the keyboard at the time
// powerd started.
// Guaranteed to be strictly positive (i.e., not off).
ssize_t DefaultUserStepIndex(double startup_brightness_percent) const;
// Set the backlight brightness to the given index in `user_steps_`.
// This function also tracks the previously set value, required if the
// user toggles the backlight from off to on.
void UpdateUserStep(ssize_t index);
mutable std::unique_ptr<Clock> clock_;
// Not owned by this class.
system::BacklightInterface* backlight_ = nullptr;
PrefsInterface* prefs_ = nullptr;
system::DBusWrapperInterface* dbus_wrapper_ = nullptr;
// Controller responsible for the display's brightness. Weak pointer.
BacklightController* display_backlight_controller_ = nullptr;
// May be NULL if no ambient light sensor is present.
std::unique_ptr<AmbientLightHandler> ambient_light_handler_;
// Observers to notify about changes.
base::ObserverList<BacklightControllerObserver> observers_;
// True if the system is capable of detecting whether the user's hands are
// hovering over the touchpad.
bool supports_hover_ = false;
// True if the keyboard should be turned on for user activity but kept off
// otherwise. This has no effect if |supports_hover_| is set.
bool turn_on_for_user_activity_ = false;
SessionState session_state_ = SessionState::STOPPED;
LidState lid_state_ = LidState::NOT_PRESENT;
TabletMode tablet_mode_ = TabletMode::UNSUPPORTED;
bool dimmed_for_inactivity_ = false;
bool off_for_inactivity_ = false;
bool suspended_ = false;
bool shutting_down_ = false;
bool forced_off_ = false;
bool hovering_ = false;
// Is a fullscreen video currently being played?
bool fullscreen_video_playing_ = false;
// Current percentage that |backlight_| is set to (or possibly in the process
// of transitioning to), in the range [0.0, 100.0].
double current_percent_ = 0.0;
// List of percentages that the user can select from for setting the
// brightness. Values are in the range [0.0, 100], and guaranteed to
// be in strictly increasing order. Index 0 is guaranteed to be
// 0 ("off"). Populated from a preference.
std::vector<double> user_steps_;
// Current brightness step within |user_steps_| set by user, or -1 if
// |automated_percent_| should be used.
// Update with |UpdateUserStep| to ensure |last_positive_user_step_index_|
// stays in sync.
ssize_t user_step_index_ = -1;
// The most recent non-zero user-set backlight brightness.
// Used when the backlight is toggled from off to on: we restore the
// user's previous brightness value.
ssize_t last_positive_user_step_index_ = -1;
// Min, min visible and max percentages used to calculate scaled percentages
// in |user_steps_| from raw percentages. This is populated from a preference.
double min_raw_percent_ = -1;
double min_visible_raw_percent = -1;
double max_raw_percent_ = -1;
// Backlight brightness in the range [0.0, 100.0] to use when the ambient
// light sensor is controlling the brightness. This is set by
// |ambient_light_handler_|. If no ambient light sensor is present, it is
// initialized from kKeyboardBacklightNoAlsBrightnessPref.
double automated_percent_ = 100.0;
// Time at which the user's hands stopped hovering over the touchpad. Unset if
// |hovering_| is true or |supports_hover_| is false.
base::TimeTicks last_hover_time_;
// Time at which user activity was last observed.
base::TimeTicks last_user_activity_time_;
// Duration the backlight should remain on after hovering stops (on systems
// that support hover detection) or after user activity (if
// |turn_on_for_user_activity_| is set).
base::TimeDelta keep_on_delay_;
// Like |keep_on_delay_|, but used while fullscreen video is playing.
base::TimeDelta keep_on_during_video_delay_;
// Runs UpdateState() |keep_on_delay_| or |keep_on_during_video_delay_| after
// the user's hands stop hovering over the touchpad (or after user activity is
// last observed, if |turn_on_for_user_activity_| is true).
base::OneShotTimer turn_off_timer_;
// Runs HandleVideoTimeout().
base::OneShotTimer video_timer_;
// Counters for stat tracking.
int num_als_adjustments_ = 0;
int num_user_adjustments_ = 0;
// Did |display_backlight_controller_| indicate that the display
// backlight brightness is currently zero?
bool display_brightness_is_zero_ = false;
base::WeakPtrFactory<KeyboardBacklightController> weak_ptr_factory_;
} // namespace policy
} // namespace power_manager