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// Copyright 2019 The ChromiumOS Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace power_manager::policy {
// Holds the logic to shut down or hibernate the device after prolonged non
// use.
// Responsible for setting an alarm for |kLowerPowerFromSuspendSecPref| before
// every suspend if one is not already running.
// On dark resume this code will shut down or hibernate the device instead
// of re-suspending if all of the following conditions hold true:
// 1. Device has spent |kLowerPowerFromSuspendSecPref| in suspend or in
// dark resume without a full resume, OR the battery is below
// |kLowBatteryShutdownPercentPref|.
// 2. Device is not connected to line power.
// On full resume, the alarm is stopped and the state is reset.
class ShutdownFromSuspendInterface {
enum class Action {
// Suspend the system.
// Hibernate the system.
// Shut the system down immediately.
ShutdownFromSuspendInterface() = default;
virtual ~ShutdownFromSuspendInterface() = default;
// Updates state in anticipation of the system suspending, returning the
// action that should be performed.
virtual Action PrepareForSuspendAttempt() = 0;
// Called when device does a dark resume.
virtual void HandleDarkResume() = 0;
// Called when device does a full resume or on transitions from dark resume to
// full resume.
virtual void HandleFullResume() = 0;
} // namespace power_manager::policy