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// Copyright 2012 The ChromiumOS Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <base/observer_list.h>
#include <base/time/time.h>
#include <base/timer/timer.h>
namespace power_manager {
class RegisterSuspendDelayReply;
class RegisterSuspendDelayRequest;
class SuspendReadinessInfo;
class UnregisterSuspendDelayRequest;
namespace policy {
class SuspendDelayObserver;
// Handles D-Bus requests to delay suspending until other processes have had
// time to do last-minute cleanup.
class SuspendDelayController {
SuspendDelayController(int initial_delay_id,
const std::string& description,
base::TimeDelta max_delay_timeout);
SuspendDelayController(const SuspendDelayController&) = delete;
SuspendDelayController& operator=(const SuspendDelayController&) = delete;
~SuspendDelayController() = default;
// Default value corresponding to maximum suspend delay i.e. maximum time
// spent waiting to suspend after it's initiated.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kDefaultMaxSuspendDelayTimeout =
bool ReadyForSuspend() const;
void set_dark_resume_min_delay_for_testing(const base::TimeDelta& min_delay) {
dark_resume_min_delay_ = min_delay;
// Adds or removes an observer that will be notified when it's safe to
// suspend.
void AddObserver(SuspendDelayObserver* observer);
void RemoveObserver(SuspendDelayObserver* observer);
// Registers a new suspend delay on behalf of |dbus_client| and fills |reply|
// with the message that should be returned.
void RegisterSuspendDelay(const RegisterSuspendDelayRequest& request,
const std::string& dbus_client,
RegisterSuspendDelayReply* reply);
// Unregisters a previously-registered suspend delay.
void UnregisterSuspendDelay(const UnregisterSuspendDelayRequest& request,
const std::string& dbus_client);
// Handles notification that a client has reported readiness for suspend.
void HandleSuspendReadiness(const SuspendReadinessInfo& info,
const std::string& dbus_client);
// Called when |client| has gone away (i.e. a NameOwnerChanged signal was
// received with |client| in its |name| field and an empty |new_owner| field.
void HandleDBusClientDisconnected(const std::string& client);
// Called when suspend is desired. Updates |current_suspend_id_| and
// |delays_being_waited_on_| and notifies clients that suspend is imminent. If
// |in_dark_resume| is true, also starts a timer for
// |dark_resume_min_delay_|.
void PrepareForSuspend(int suspend_id, bool in_dark_resume);
// Stops |suspend_id| if it is in-progress, i.e. it matches
// |current_suspend_id_|. This really just entails stopping
// |delay_expiration_timer_| to avoid spamming the logs after a suspend
// request is aborted.
void FinishSuspend(int suspend_id);
// Information about a registered delay.
struct DelayInfo {
// Maximum amount of time to wait for HandleSuspendReadiness() to be called
// after a suspend has been requested.
base::TimeDelta timeout;
// Name of the D-Bus connection that registered the delay.
std::string dbus_client;
// Human-readable description supplied with the registration request.
std::string description;
// Minimum time that the controller will wait before resuspending on dark
// resume. This delay helps for external monitor enumeration when the
// device dark resumes on hot plug detect.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kDarkResumeMinDelayTimeout =
// Returns a substring to use in log messages to describe the types of
// suspends controlled by this object. If |description_| is non-empty,
// |description_| + " suspend"; otherwise, just "suspend".
std::string GetLogDescription() const;
// Returns the human-readable description of |delay_id|.
std::string GetDelayDescription(int delay_id) const;
// Removes |delay_id| from |registered_delays_| and calls
// RemoveDelayFromWaitList().
void UnregisterDelayInternal(int delay_id);
// Removes |delay_id| from |delay_ids_being_waited_on_|. If the set goes from
// non-empty to empty and |min_delay_expiration_timer_| is not running,
// cancels the max delay expiration timeout and notifies observers that it's
// safe to to suspend.
void RemoveDelayFromWaitList(int delay_id);
// Called by |max_delay_expiration_timer_| after a PrepareForSuspend() call if
// HandleSuspendReadiness() isn't invoked for all registered delays before the
// maximum delay timeout has elapsed. Notifies observers that it's safe to
// suspend.
void OnMaxDelayExpiration();
// Called on |min_delay_expiration_timer_| expiry if armed by
// PrepareForSuspend() call. If HandleSuspendReadiness() has been invoked for
// all registered suspend delays, notifies observers that it's safe to
// suspend.
void OnMinDelayExpiration();
// Posts a NotifyObservers() call to the message loop.
void PostNotifyObserversTask(int suspend_id);
// Invokes OnReadyForSuspend() on |observers_|.
void NotifyObservers(int suspend_id);
// Map from delay ID to registered delay.
typedef std::map<int, DelayInfo> DelayInfoMap;
DelayInfoMap registered_delays_;
// Optional human-readable descriptor to include in log messages to
// distinguish between multiple controllers, e.g. "dark" for dark-suspend or
// "" for regular suspend.
std::string description_;
// Next delay ID that will be returned in response to a call to
// RegisterSuspendDelay().
int next_delay_id_;
// ID corresponding to the current (or most-recent) suspend attempt.
int current_suspend_id_;
// IDs of delays registered by clients that haven't yet said they're ready to
// suspend.
std::set<int> delay_ids_being_waited_on_;
// Maximum time that the controller will wait for a suspend delay to become
// ready.
const base::TimeDelta max_delay_timeout_;
// Used to invoke NotifyObservers().
base::OneShotTimer notify_observers_timer_;
// Used to invoke OnMaxDelayExpiration().
base::OneShotTimer max_delay_expiration_timer_;
// Used to invoke OnMinDelayExpiration().
base::OneShotTimer min_delay_expiration_timer_;
// Defaulted to |kDarkResumeMinDelayTimeout|. Overridden for test
// cases. Note that this timer is armed only on dark resume.
base::TimeDelta dark_resume_min_delay_ = kDarkResumeMinDelayTimeout;
base::ObserverList<SuspendDelayObserver> observers_;
} // namespace policy
} // namespace power_manager