print_tools: various tools related to the native printing system


This tool sends to a given printer (or other IPP endpoint) Get-Printer-Attributes request and returns the received response. The response is parsed and can be saved both as JSON file or as a raw binary file.

printer_diag is included in every ChromeOS image but you can access it only in development mode. It may be run on the device from the console level:

printer_diag --url "ipp://" --version=2.0 --jsonf=out.json --binary=out.raw

In this example, the IPP Get-Printer-Attributes request is sent to the given URL. The version of IPP protocol is set to 2.0 (default is 1.1). Obtained response is dumped to a binary file out.raw (optional). The response is also parsed and saved in JSON format to a file out.json (optional).

Run the program with --help parameter to get more details.