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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/callback.h>
#include "login_manager/container_manager_interface.h"
namespace login_manager {
class SystemUtils;
// The wrapper class around run_oci binary to launch Android container built
// from Android master branch. See platform2/run_oci for more details about
// run_oci binary, which provides an Open Container Initiative-compatible
// container runtime (
class AndroidOciWrapper : public ContainerManagerInterface {
// Ownership of |system_utils| remains with the caller.
AndroidOciWrapper(SystemUtils* system_utils,
const base::FilePath& containers_directory);
~AndroidOciWrapper() override;
// JobManagerInterface:
bool IsManagedJob(pid_t pid) override;
void HandleExit(const siginfo_t& status) override;
void RequestJobExit() override;
void EnsureJobExit(base::TimeDelta timeout) override;
// ContainerManagerInterface:
bool StartContainer(const std::vector<std::string>& env,
const ExitCallback& exit_callback) override;
bool GetRootFsPath(base::FilePath* path_out) const override;
bool GetContainerPID(pid_t* pid_out) const override;
void SetStatefulMode(StatefulMode mode) override;
// Relative path to container from |containers_directory_|.
constexpr static char kContainerPath[] = "android";
constexpr static char kContainerId[] = "android-master-run_oci";
// Relative path to rootfs from container root under
// |ContainerManagerInterface::kContainerRunPath|.
constexpr static char kRootFsPath[] = "rootfs";
// Name of file containing container PID in container root under
// |ContainerManagerInterface::kContainerRunPath|. run_oci writes init
// process PID to this file.
constexpr static char kContainerPidName[] = "";
// run_oci path and arguments.
constexpr static char kRunOciPath[] = "/usr/bin/run_oci";
// Command sent to run_oci to shut down container.
constexpr static char kRunOciKillCommand[] = "kill";
// Argument sent to run_oci kill command to forcefully shut down a container.
constexpr static char kRunOciKillSignal[] = "--signal=KILL";
// Command sent to run_oci to clean up container.
constexpr static char kRunOciDestroyCommand[] = "destroy";
// Path to run_android script
constexpr static char kRunAndroidScriptPath[] = "android/run_android";
// Path to folder that contains all FDs this process opens.
constexpr static char kProcFdPath[] = "/proc/self/fd";
// Sets up execution environment to launch container and run run_oci with
// |env| as its environment. This is only called in child process. This
// function never returns.
void ExecuteRunOciToStartContainer(const std::vector<std::string>& env);
// Requests Android to shut down itself.
bool RequestTermination();
// Cleans up |container_pid_|, and calls |exit_callback_|.
void CleanUpContainer();
// Closes all opened files inherited from session manager. Note: It leaves
// stdin, stdout and stderr open.
bool CloseOpenedFiles();
// Kills the specified process group with SIGKILL.
void KillProcessGroup(pid_t pgid);
// The PID of container's init process.
pid_t container_pid_;
// This is owned by the caller.
SystemUtils* const system_utils_;
// Directory that holds the container config files.
const base::FilePath containers_directory_;
// Callback that will get invoked when the process exits.
ExitCallback exit_callback_;
// True if RequestJobExit was called before the container process exits.
bool clean_exit_;
// Whether container is stateful or stateless.
StatefulMode stateful_mode_;
} // namespace login_manager