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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <base/callback.h>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <base/memory/ref_counted.h>
#include <base/memory/scoped_ptr.h>
namespace base {
class MessageLoopProxy;
} // namespace base
namespace chromeos {
class AsynchronousSignalHandler;
} // namespace chromeos
namespace dbus {
class Bus;
class ExportedObject;
} // namespace dbus
namespace easy_unlock {
class DBusAdaptor;
class Service;
} // namespace easy_unlock
namespace easy_unlock {
// The EasyUnlock dbus service daemon. Initialized and shutdown from main.
class Daemon {
Daemon(scoped_ptr<easy_unlock::Service> service_impl,
const scoped_refptr<dbus::Bus>& bus,
const base::Closure& quit_closure,
bool install_signal_handler);
// Initializes the dbus service daemon
bool Initialize();
// Shuts down the dbus service.
void Finalize();
void InitializeDBus();
void TakeDBusServiceOwnership();
// Post quit closure task to the message loop the daemon is started on.
void Quit();
// Sets up termination signal handlers.
void SetupSignalHandlers();
// Called when the Daemon is destructed. Resets signal handers set in
// |SetupSignalHandlers|.
void RevertSignalHandlers();
scoped_ptr<easy_unlock::Service> service_impl_;
scoped_ptr<DBusAdaptor> adaptor_;
base::Closure quit_closure_;
scoped_refptr<base::MessageLoopProxy> loop_proxy_;
// Handler for termination signals. The handled signals cause |Quit| to get
// called.
scoped_ptr<chromeos::AsynchronousSignalHandler> termination_signal_handler_;
scoped_refptr<dbus::Bus> bus_;
// Owned by |bus_|.
dbus::ExportedObject* easy_unlock_dbus_object_;
bool install_signal_handler_;
} // namespace easy_unlock