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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/time/time.h>
#include <shill/net/byte_string.h>
#include <shill/net/ip_address.h>
#include "portier/ll_address.h"
namespace portier {
// Neighbor Discovery ICMPv6 Message.
class NeighborDiscoveryMessage {
// ND ICMPv6 type, as defined in RFC 4861.
using Type = uint8_t;
static const Type kTypeRouterSolicit;
static const Type kTypeRouterAdvert;
static const Type kTypeNeighborSolicit;
static const Type kTypeNeighborAdvert;
static const Type kTypeRedirect;
// Neighbor Discovery Option Types.
using OptionType = uint8_t;
static const OptionType kOptionTypeSourceLinkLayerAddress;
static const OptionType kOptionTypeTargetLinkLayerAddress;
static const OptionType kOptionTypePrefixInformation;
static const OptionType kOptionTypeRedirectHeader;
static const OptionType kOptionTypeMTU;
static std::string GetTypeName(Type type);
static uint32_t GetTypeMinimumLength(Type type);
static std::string GetOptionTypeName(OptionType opt_type);
static uint32_t GetOptionTypeMinimumLength(OptionType opt_type);
static NeighborDiscoveryMessage RouterSolicit();
static NeighborDiscoveryMessage RouterAdvert(
uint8_t cur_hop_limit,
bool managed_flag,
bool other_flag,
bool proxy_flag,
base::TimeDelta router_lifetime,
base::TimeDelta reachable_time,
base::TimeDelta retransmit_timer);
static NeighborDiscoveryMessage NeighborSolicit(
const shill::IPAddress& target_address);
static NeighborDiscoveryMessage NeighborAdvert(
bool router_flag,
bool solicited_flag,
bool override_flag,
const shill::IPAddress& target_address);
static NeighborDiscoveryMessage Redirect(
const shill::IPAddress& target_address,
const shill::IPAddress& destination_address);
// Attempt to parse.
explicit NeighborDiscoveryMessage(const shill::ByteString& raw_packet);
// Getters.
Type type() const { return type_; }
const shill::ByteString& message() const { return message_; }
// Is the provided packet a properly formated ND ICMPv6 packet.
bool IsValid() const;
// Checksum.
// Returns the checksum in network byte order.
bool GetChecksum(uint16_t* checksum) const;
bool SetChecksum(uint16_t checksum);
// RS related.
// RA related.
// All the following will return false if the ND message is invalid
// or not of the correct type.
// The default value for Hop Count field for packets which are forwarded
// by the router.
bool GetCurrentHopLimit(uint8_t* cur_hop_limit) const;
// Indicates that nodes can use DHCPv6 for address assignment.
bool GetManagedAddressConfigurationFlag(bool* managed_flag) const;
// Indicates that there is additional configuration information
// available from DCHPv6 protocol.
bool GetOtherConfigurationFlag(bool* other_flag) const;
// Indicates that this RA has been proxied. If receiving a proxied
// RA, RFC 4389 states that this RA should be dropped and not proxied.
bool GetProxyFlag(bool* proxy_flag) const;
// Modifies the value of the proxy bit in RA messages. This should be
// used in the implementation of ND Proxy if directly copying received RA
// messages.
bool SetProxyFlag(bool proxy_flag);
// Lifetime associated with the default route. 0 implies it is
// unspecified.
bool GetRouterLifetime(base::TimeDelta* router_lifetime) const;
// The time assumed by the router that a neighbor is reachable after
// having received a reachability confirmation. 0 implies that it
// is unspecified.
bool GetReachableTime(base::TimeDelta* reachable_time) const;
// Time between retransmitted NS messages. 0 implies that it is
// unspecified.
bool GetRetransmitTimer(base::TimeDelta* retransmit_timer) const;
// NS related.
// Used for broth NS, NA, and R.
bool GetTargetAddress(shill::IPAddress* target_address) const;
// NA related.
// Indicates that the sending node is a router.
bool GetRouterFlag(bool* router_flag) const;
// Indicates that the NA is response to a NS.
bool GetSolicitedFlag(bool* solicited_flag) const;
// Indicates that Neichbor Cache entries should be overwritten
// as a result of this NA.
bool GetOverrideFlag(bool* override_flag) const;
// R related.
// ICMP field Destination Address, differs from the destination
// addresss found in the IP fields.
bool GetDestinationAddress(shill::IPAddress* destination_address) const;
// Options
// Check if the exists at least 1 instance of the option.
bool HasOption(OptionType opt_type) const;
// Count the number of occurances of the option.
uint32_t OptionCount(OptionType opt_type) const;
// Get the raw bytes of the option, including the type and length fields.
bool GetRawOption(OptionType opt_type,
uint32_t opt_index,
shill::ByteString* raw_option) const;
// Remove all options.
void ClearOptions();
// Supported Options.
// Source link-layer address option.
bool HasSourceLinkLayerAddress() const;
bool GetSourceLinkLayerAddress(uint32_t opt_index,
LLAddress* source_ll_address) const;
bool SetSourceLinkLayerAddress(uint32_t opt_index,
const LLAddress& source_ll_address);
bool PushSourceLinkLayerAddress(const LLAddress& source_ll_address);
// Target link-layer address option.
bool HasTargetLinkLayerAddress() const;
bool GetTargetLinkLayerAddress(uint32_t opt_index,
LLAddress* target_ll_address) const;
bool SetTargetLinkLayerAddress(uint32_t opt_index,
const LLAddress& target_ll_address);
bool PushTargetLinkLayerAddress(const LLAddress& target_ll_address);
// Prefix information
bool HasPrefixInformation() const;
uint32_t PrefixInformationCount() const;
bool GetPrefixLength(uint32_t opt_index, uint8_t* prefix_length) const;
bool GetOnLinkFlag(uint32_t opt_index, bool* on_link_flag) const;
bool GetAutonomousAddressConfigurationFlag(uint32_t opt_index,
bool* autonomous_flag) const;
bool GetPrefixValidLifetime(uint32_t opt_index,
base::TimeDelta* valid_lifetime) const;
bool GetPrefixPreferredLifetime(uint32_t opt_index,
base::TimeDelta* preferred_lifetime) const;
bool GetPrefix(uint32_t opt_index, shill::IPAddress* prefix) const;
bool PushPrefixInformation(uint8_t prefix_length,
bool on_link_flag,
bool autonomous_flag,
const base::TimeDelta& valid_lifetime,
const base::TimeDelta& preferred_lifetime,
const shill::IPAddress& prefix);
// Redirected header option.
bool HasRedirectedHeader() const;
bool GetIpHeaderAndData(uint32_t opt_index,
shill::ByteString* ip_header_and_data) const;
bool PushRedirectedHeader(const shill::ByteString& ip_header_and_data);
// MTU option.
bool HasMTU() const;
bool GetMTU(uint32_t opt_index, uint32_t* mtu) const;
bool PushMTU(uint32_t mtu);
const uint8_t* GetConstData() const;
size_t GetLength() const;
// Gets the character bytes of the data.
uint8_t* GetData();
// Generic option methods for link-layer addresses. Used for
// both source and target ll address option methods.
bool GetLinkLayerAddress(OptionType opt_type,
uint32_t opt_index,
LLAddress* ll_address) const;
bool SetLinkLayerAddress(OptionType opt_type,
uint32_t opt_index,
const LLAddress& ll_address);
bool PushLinkLayerAddress(OptionType opt_type, const LLAddress& ll_address);
// Go through all the options of the packet and set the byte index of the
// options in the |options_| map. Returns false if there are any issues
// with the options.
bool IndexOptions();
void AddOptionIndex(OptionType opt_type, uint32_t data_index);
uint8_t* GetOptionPointer(OptionType opt_type, uint32_t opt_index);
const uint8_t* GetConstOptionPointer(OptionType opt_type,
uint32_t opt_index) const;
// ND type.
Type type_;
// Raw bytes of ICMP.
shill::ByteString message_;
// Pointer to array of byte indexes of ND options.
std::map<OptionType, std::vector<uint32_t>> options_;
} // namespace portier
#endif // PORTIER_ND_MSG_H_