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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <base/memory/ref_counted.h>
namespace shill {
class Device;
using DeviceConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const Device>;
using DeviceRefPtr = scoped_refptr<Device>;
class Cellular;
using CellularConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const Cellular>;
using CellularRefPtr = scoped_refptr<Cellular>;
class Ethernet;
using EthernetConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const Ethernet>;
using EthernetRefPtr = scoped_refptr<Ethernet>;
class PPPDevice;
using PPPDeviceConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const PPPDevice>;
using PPPDeviceRefPtr = scoped_refptr<PPPDevice>;
class VirtualDevice;
using VirtualDeviceConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const VirtualDevice>;
using VirtualDeviceRefPtr = scoped_refptr<VirtualDevice>;
class WiFi;
using WiFiConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const WiFi>;
using WiFiRefPtr = scoped_refptr<WiFi>;
class WiFiEndpoint;
using WiFiEndpointConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const WiFiEndpoint>;
using WiFiEndpointRefPtr = scoped_refptr<WiFiEndpoint>;
class Service;
using ServiceConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const Service>;
using ServiceRefPtr = scoped_refptr<Service>;
class CellularService;
using CellularServiceConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const CellularService>;
using CellularServiceRefPtr = scoped_refptr<CellularService>;
class EthernetService;
using EthernetServiceConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const EthernetService>;
using EthernetServiceRefPtr = scoped_refptr<EthernetService>;
class VPNService;
using VPNServiceConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const VPNService>;
using VPNServiceRefPtr = scoped_refptr<VPNService>;
class WiFiService;
using WiFiServiceConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const WiFiService>;
using WiFiServiceRefPtr = scoped_refptr<WiFiService>;
class IPConfig;
using IPConfigRefPtr = scoped_refptr<IPConfig>;
class DHCPConfig;
using DHCPConfigRefPtr = scoped_refptr<DHCPConfig>;
class Profile;
using ProfileConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const Profile>;
using ProfileRefPtr = scoped_refptr<Profile>;
class Connection;
using ConnectionConstRefPtr = scoped_refptr<const Connection>;
using ConnectionRefPtr = scoped_refptr<Connection>;
} // namespace shill