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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "shill/shill_ares.h"
namespace shill {
Ares::Ares() { }
Ares::~Ares() { }
Ares* Ares::GetInstance() {
static base::NoDestructor<Ares> instance;
return instance.get();
void Ares::Destroy(ares_channel channel) {
void Ares::GetHostByName(ares_channel channel,
const char* hostname,
int family,
ares_host_callback callback,
void* arg) {
ares_gethostbyname(channel, hostname, family, callback, arg);
int Ares::GetSock(ares_channel channel,
ares_socket_t* socks,
int numsocks) {
return ares_getsock(channel, socks, numsocks);
int Ares::InitOptions(ares_channel* channelptr,
struct ares_options* options,
int optmask) {
return ares_init_options(channelptr, options, optmask);
void Ares::ProcessFd(ares_channel channel,
ares_socket_t read_fd,
ares_socket_t write_fd) {
return ares_process_fd(channel, read_fd, write_fd);
void Ares::SetLocalDev(ares_channel channel, const char* local_dev_name) {
ares_set_local_dev(channel, local_dev_name);
struct timeval* Ares::Timeout(ares_channel channel,
struct timeval* maxtv,
struct timeval* tv) {
return ares_timeout(channel, maxtv, tv);
int Ares::SetServersCsv(ares_channel channel, const char* servers) {
return ares_set_servers_csv(channel, servers);
} // namespace shill