Ippusb Manager

This is the documentation for ippusb_manager which is a service needed to support ipp-over-usb printing in Chrome OS.


The ippusb_manager service assists with establishing communication between cups and ippusbxd in order to print using ipp-over-usb.

When CUPS tries to print using the ippusb scheme, it first queries ippusb_manager to verify that the given printer is currently connected on the system. The ippusb_manager searches for the given printer, and if it is found then it launches and instance of the ippusbxd program, and responds to cups with the name of the socket it can use to communicate with ippusbxd.

In order to prevent ippusb_manager from having to constantly be running, the upstart-socket-bridge is used to start the manager whenever its socket receives a query from cups.

Internal Documentation

See the design doc for information about the overall design and how ippusb_manager fits into it. This is accessible only within google.

Code Overview

This repository contains the following subdirectories:

| Subdirectory | Description | |----------------------------| | etc/init | Upstart config files for launching ippusb_manager | | udev/ | udev rules for setting group permissions on ipp-usb printers |