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// Copyright 2017 The ChromiumOS Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <optional>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/threading/thread.h>
namespace vm_tools {
namespace maitred {
// Given the contents of /etc/hostname, return the hostname to set, or an
// empty string on failure.
std::string ParseHostname(const std::string& etc_hostname_contents);
// Encapsulates all the functionality for which maitred is responsible when it
// runs as pid 1 on a VM.
class Init final {
// The reason why a process exited.
enum class ProcessStatus {
// Process is in an unknown state.
// Process exited.
// Killed by a signal.
// Launched but may or may not have exited yet.
// One or more setup steps failed and the process did not launch.
// Information about a process launch.
struct ProcessLaunchInfo {
ProcessLaunchInfo() = default;
// Current status of the process.
ProcessStatus status = ProcessStatus::UNKNOWN;
// If |status| is EXITED, then this will hold the exit status. If |status|
// is SIGNALED, then this will hold the signal number that killed the
// process. Otherwise this value is undefined.
int32_t code = 0;
// Output from the process's stdout handle.
// Only filled when spawned with |wait_for_exit| = true and |use_console| =
// false.
std::string output;
// If the spawned process potentially produced more than the maximum allowed
// output, |output_truncated| will be set to true.
bool output_truncated;
// Creates a new instance of this class and performs various bits of early
// setup up like mounting file systems, creating directories, and setting
// up signal handlers.
static std::unique_ptr<Init> Create(bool maitred_is_pid1);
// Spawn a process with the given argv and environment. |argv[0]| must be
// the full path to the program or the name of a program found in PATH. If
// |wait_for_exit| is true, then wait for the spawned process to exit and
// fill in |launch_info| with the information about the process's exit.
bool Spawn(std::vector<std::string> argv,
std::map<std::string, std::string> env,
bool respawn,
bool use_console,
bool wait_for_exit,
ProcessLaunchInfo* launch_info,
std::optional<base::OnceCallback<void(ProcessStatus, int)>>
exit_cb = std::nullopt);
// Shuts down the system, killing all child processes first with SIGTERM and
// finally with SIGKILL.
void Shutdown();
explicit Init(bool maitred_is_pid1);
Init(const Init&) = delete;
Init& operator=(const Init&) = delete;
// Subroutine to setup resource limits. For more details of resource limits,
// see man page of setrlimits and sysctl.
bool SetupResourceLimit();
bool Setup();
// Worker that lives on a separate thread and is responsible for actually
// doing all the work.
class Worker;
std::unique_ptr<Worker> worker_;
// The actual worker thread.
base::Thread worker_thread_{"init worker thread"};
// Check at runtime if maitred is pid 1, true is maitred is pid 1.
bool maitred_is_pid1_;
} // namespace maitred
} // namespace vm_tools