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// Copyright 2019 The ChromiumOS Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace patchpanel {
const char kPatchPanelInterface[] = "org.chromium.PatchPanel";
const char kPatchPanelServicePath[] = "/org/chromium/PatchPanel";
const char kPatchPanelServiceName[] = "org.chromium.PatchPanel";
// Exported methods.
const char kArcStartupMethod[] = "ArcStartup";
const char kArcShutdownMethod[] = "ArcShutdown";
const char kArcVmStartupMethod[] = "ArcVmStartup";
const char kArcVmShutdownMethod[] = "ArcVmShutdown";
const char kTerminaVmStartupMethod[] = "TerminaVmStartup";
const char kTerminaVmShutdownMethod[] = "TerminaVmShutdown";
const char kPluginVmStartupMethod[] = "PluginVmStartup";
const char kPluginVmShutdownMethod[] = "PluginVmShutdown";
const char kSetVpnIntentMethod[] = "SetVpnIntent";
const char kConnectNamespaceMethod[] = "ConnectNamespace";
const char kGetTrafficCountersMethod[] = "GetTrafficCounters";
const char kModifyPortRuleMethod[] = "ModifyPortRule";
const char kGetDevicesMethod[] = "GetDevices";
const char kSetVpnLockdown[] = "SetVpnLockdown";
const char kSetDnsRedirectionRuleMethod[] = "SetDnsRedirectionRule";
// Signals.
const char kNetworkDeviceChangedSignal[] = "NetworkDeviceChanged";
const char kNetworkConfigurationChangedSignal[] = "NetworkConfigurationChanged";
const char kNeighborReachabilityEventSignal[] = "NeighborReachabilityEvent";
} // namespace patchpanel