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/* Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cras_types.h"
/* cras_alsa_card represents an alsa sound card. It adds all the devices for
* this card to the system when it is created, and removes them when it is
* destroyed. It will create an alsa_mixer object that can control the volume
* and mute settings for the card.
struct cras_alsa_card;
struct cras_device_blocklist;
/* Creates a cras_alsa_card instance for the given alsa device. Enumerates the
* devices for the card and adds them to the system as possible playback or
* capture endpoints.
* Args:
* card_info - Contains the card index, type, and priority.
* device_config_dir - The directory of device configs which contains the
* volume curves.
* blocklist - List of devices that should be ignored.
* ucm_suffix - The ucm config name is formed as <card-name>.<suffix>
* Returns:
* A pointer to the newly created cras_alsa_card which must later be freed
* by calling cras_alsa_card_destroy or NULL on error.
struct cras_alsa_card *cras_alsa_card_create(
struct cras_alsa_card_info *info, const char *device_config_dir,
struct cras_device_blocklist *blocklist, const char *ucm_suffix);
/* Destroys a cras_alsa_card that was returned from cras_alsa_card_create.
* Args:
* alsa_card - The cras_alsa_card pointer returned from
* cras_alsa_card_create.
void cras_alsa_card_destroy(struct cras_alsa_card *alsa_card);
/* Returns the alsa card index for the given card.
* Args:
* alsa_card - The cras_alsa_card pointer returned from
* cras_alsa_card_create.
size_t cras_alsa_card_get_index(const struct cras_alsa_card *alsa_card);
#endif /* _CRAS_ALSA_CARD_H */