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/* Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include <dbus/dbus.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "cras_bt_device.h"
struct cras_bt_endpoint;
struct cras_bt_transport;
enum cras_bt_transport_state {
struct cras_bt_transport *cras_bt_transport_create(DBusConnection *conn,
const char *object_path);
void cras_bt_transport_set_endpoint(struct cras_bt_transport *transport,
struct cras_bt_endpoint *endpoint);
/* Handles the event when BT stack notifies specific transport is removed.
* Args:
* transport - The transport object representing an A2DP connection.
void cras_bt_transport_remove(struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
/* Queries the state if BT stack has removed given transport.
* Args:
* transport - The transport object representing an A2DP connection.
int cras_bt_transport_is_removed(struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
void cras_bt_transport_destroy(struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
void cras_bt_transport_reset();
struct cras_bt_transport *cras_bt_transport_get(const char *object_path);
cras_bt_transport_get_list(struct cras_bt_transport ***transport_list_out);
const char *
cras_bt_transport_object_path(const struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
struct cras_bt_device *
cras_bt_transport_device(const struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
enum cras_bt_device_profile
cras_bt_transport_profile(const struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
int cras_bt_transport_configuration(const struct cras_bt_transport *transport,
void *configuration, int len);
enum cras_bt_transport_state
cras_bt_transport_state(const struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
int cras_bt_transport_fd(const struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
uint16_t cras_bt_transport_write_mtu(const struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
void cras_bt_transport_update_properties(
struct cras_bt_transport *transport,
DBusMessageIter *properties_array_iter,
DBusMessageIter *invalidated_array_iter);
int cras_bt_transport_try_acquire(struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
int cras_bt_transport_acquire(struct cras_bt_transport *transport);
/* Releases the cras_bt_transport.
* Args:
* transport - The transport object to release
* blocking - True to send release dbus message in blocking mode, otherwise
* in non-block mode.
int cras_bt_transport_release(struct cras_bt_transport *transport,
unsigned int blocking);
/* Sets the volume to cras_bt_transport. Note that the volume gets applied
* to BT headset only when the transport is in ACTIVE state.
* Args:
* transport - The transport object to set volume to.
* volume - The desired volume value, range in [0-127].
int cras_bt_transport_set_volume(struct cras_bt_transport *transport,
uint16_t volume);
#endif /* CRAS_BT_TRANSPORT_H_ */