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/* Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef CRAS_HFP_INFO_H_
#define CRAS_HFP_INFO_H_
#include "cras_audio_format.h"
#include "cras_types.h"
/* Linked list to hold the information of callbacks to trigger
* when the size of SCO packet has changed.
struct hfp_packet_size_changed_callback {
void *data;
void (*cb)(void *data);
struct hfp_packet_size_changed_callback *next, *prev;
/* Structure to handle sample transmission between CRAS and the SCO
* socket acquired from bluez.
struct hfp_info;
/* Creates an hfp_info instance.
struct hfp_info *hfp_info_create();
/* Destroys given hfp_info instance. */
void hfp_info_destroy(struct hfp_info *info);
/* Sets the wbs_logger to hfp_info instance. */
void hfp_info_set_wbs_logger(struct hfp_info *info,
struct packet_status_logger *wbs_logger);
/* Checks if given hfp_info is running. */
int hfp_info_running(struct hfp_info *info);
/* Starts the hfp_info to transmit and reveice samples to and from the file
* descriptor of a SCO socket. This should be called from main thread.
* Args:
* codec - 1 for CVSD, 2 for mSBC per HFP 1.7 specification.
int hfp_info_start(int fd, unsigned int mtu, int codec, struct hfp_info *info);
/* Stops given hfp_info. This implies sample transmission will
* stop and socket be closed. This should be called from main thread.
int hfp_info_stop(struct hfp_info *info);
/* Queries how many frames of data are queued.
* Args:
* info - The hfp_info holding the buffer to query.
* direction - The direction to indicate which buffer to query, playback
* or capture.
int hfp_buf_queued(struct hfp_info *info, enum CRAS_STREAM_DIRECTION direction);
/* Fill output buffer with zero frames.
* Args:
* info - The hfp_info holding the output buffer.
* nframes - How many zero frames to fill.
* Returns:
* The actual number of zero frames filled.
int hfp_fill_output_with_zeros(struct hfp_info *info, unsigned int nframes);
/* Force output buffer level to given value. Calling this may override
* existing data so use it only when buffer has been filled by zeros.
* If no output device was added, calling this has no effect.
* Args:
* info - The hfp_info holding output buffer.
* level - Value of the target output level.
void hfp_force_output_level(struct hfp_info *info, unsigned int level);
/* Gets how many frames of the buffer are used.
* Args:
* info - The hfp_info holding buffer.
* direction - The direction of the buffer.
int hfp_buf_size(struct hfp_info *info, enum CRAS_STREAM_DIRECTION direction);
/* Acquire buffer of count frames for dev to write(or read,
* depend on dev's direction).
* Args:
* info - The hfp_info holding buffer.
* direction - The direction of dev to acquire buffer for.
* buf - To hold the returned pointer of acquired buffer.
* count - Number of bytes of buffer to acquire, will be filled with the
* actual acquired buffer size in bytes.
void hfp_buf_acquire(struct hfp_info *info,
enum CRAS_STREAM_DIRECTION direction, uint8_t **buf,
unsigned *count);
/* Releases the previously acquired buffer.
* Args:
* info - The hfp_info holding the buffer.
* direction - The direction of dev to release buffer for.
* written_frames - The size of the previously acquired buffer in frames
* which's been used.
void hfp_buf_release(struct hfp_info *info,
unsigned written_frames);
/* Adds cras_iodev to given hfp_info. Only when an output iodev is added,
* hfp_info starts sending samples to the SCO socket. Similarly, only when an
* input iodev is added, it starts to read samples from SCO socket.
int hfp_info_add_iodev(struct hfp_info *info,
struct cras_audio_format *format);
/* Removes cras_iodev from hfp_info. hfp_info will stop sending or
* reading samples right after the iodev is removed. This function is used for
* iodev closure.
int hfp_info_rm_iodev(struct hfp_info *info,
enum CRAS_STREAM_DIRECTION direction);
/* Checks if there's any iodev added to the given hfp_info. */
int hfp_info_has_iodev(struct hfp_info *info);
#endif /* CRAS_HFP_INFO_H_ */