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/* Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include "cras_system_state.h"
#include "cras_mix.h"
#include "cras_mix_ops.h"
static const struct cras_mix_ops *ops = &mixer_ops;
static const struct cras_mix_ops *get_mixer_ops(unsigned int cpu_flags)
#if defined HAVE_FMA
if (cpu_flags & CPU_X86_FMA)
return &mixer_ops_fma;
#if defined HAVE_AVX2
if (cpu_flags & CPU_X86_AVX2)
return &mixer_ops_avx2;
#if defined HAVE_AVX
if (cpu_flags & CPU_X86_AVX)
return &mixer_ops_avx;
#if defined HAVE_SSE42
if (cpu_flags & CPU_X86_SSE4_2)
return &mixer_ops_sse42;
/* default C implementation */
return &mixer_ops;
void cras_mix_init(unsigned int flags)
ops = get_mixer_ops(flags);
* Exported Interface
void cras_scale_buffer_increment(snd_pcm_format_t fmt, uint8_t *buff,
unsigned int frame, float scaler,
float increment, float target, int channel)
ops->scale_buffer_increment(fmt, buff, frame * channel, scaler,
increment, target, channel);
void cras_scale_buffer(snd_pcm_format_t fmt, uint8_t *buff, unsigned int count,
float scaler)
ops->scale_buffer(fmt, buff, count, scaler);
void cras_mix_add(snd_pcm_format_t fmt, uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
unsigned int count, unsigned int index, int mute,
float mix_vol)
ops->add(fmt, dst, src, count, index, mute, mix_vol);
void cras_mix_add_scale_stride(snd_pcm_format_t fmt, uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src,
unsigned int count, unsigned int dst_stride,
unsigned int src_stride, float scaler)
ops->add_scale_stride(fmt, dst, src, count, dst_stride, src_stride,
size_t cras_mix_mute_buffer(uint8_t *dst, size_t frame_bytes, size_t count)
return ops->mute_buffer(dst, frame_bytes, count);