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* Copyright (c) 2019, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#ifndef DEV_H
#define DEV_H
#include <cdefs.h>
#include <lib/debugfs.h>
#include <stddef.h>
/* FIXME: need configurability */
#define NR_CHANS 10
#define NR_CONSS 1
#define NR_BINDS 4
#define NR_FILES 18
#define NODEV 255
#define CHDIR (1 << 15)
#define SYNCDEV 0
#define SYNCALL 1
typedef struct dev dev_t;
typedef struct chan chan_t;
typedef struct dirtab dirtab_t;
typedef int devgen_t(chan_t *, const dirtab_t *, int, int, dir_t *);
typedef struct attr attr_t;
enum {
* This structure contains the necessary information to represent a directory
* of the filesystem.
struct dirtab {
char name[NAMELEN];
qid_t qid;
long length;
unsigned char perm;
void *data;
* This structure defines the interface of device drivers.
* Each driver must implement a subset of those functions.
* It is possible to redirect to default implementations defined in dev.c.
/* FIXME: comments for the callbacks */
struct dev {
char id;
int (*stat)(chan_t *c, const char *file, dir_t *dir);
int (*walk)(chan_t *c, const char *name);
int (*read)(chan_t *c, void *buf, int n);
int (*write)(chan_t *c, void *buf, int n);
int (*seek)(chan_t *c, long off, int whence);
chan_t *(*clone)(chan_t *c, chan_t *nc);
chan_t *(*attach)(int id, int dev);
chan_t *(*mount)(chan_t *c, const char *spec);
* This structure defines the channel structure.
* A channel is a handle on an element of the filesystem.
struct chan {
long offset;
qid_t qid;
unsigned char index; /* device index in devtab */
unsigned char dev;
unsigned char mode;
* This structure defines an abstract argument passed to physical drivers from
* the configuration file.
struct attr {
char *key;
char *value;
chan_t *path_to_channel(const char *path, int mode);
chan_t *clone(chan_t *c, chan_t *nc);
chan_t *attach(int id, int dev);
void channel_close(chan_t *c);
int buf_to_channel(chan_t *c, void *dst, void *src, int nbytes, long len);
int dirread(chan_t *c, dir_t *dir, const dirtab_t *tab,
int ntab, devgen_t *gen);
void make_dir_entry(chan_t *c, dir_t *dir, const char *name, long length,
qid_t qid, unsigned int mode);
void devlink(void);
chan_t *devattach(int id, int dev);
int devseek(chan_t *c, long off, int whence);
chan_t *devclone(chan_t *c, chan_t *nc);
int devgen(chan_t *c, const dirtab_t *tab, int ntab, int n, dir_t *dir);
int devwalk(chan_t *c, const char *name, const dirtab_t *tab, int ntab,
devgen_t *gen);
int devstat(chan_t *dirc, const char *file, dir_t *dir,
const dirtab_t *tab, int ntab, devgen_t *gen);
chan_t *deverrmount(chan_t *c, const char *spec);
int deverrwrite(chan_t *c, void *buf, int n);
int deverrseek(chan_t *c, long off, int whence);
extern dev_t *const devtab[];
void __dead2 devpanic(const char *cause);
#endif /* DEV_H */