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RME Enabled TF-A userguide
To evaluate |RME|, first follow the instructions as described in the |TF-A|
:ref:`Prerequisites` section to clone the repository and setup the build
environment. This should setup the required software libraries and aarch64
baremetal toolchain for the build. Specifically, ensure that the environment
variable ``CROSS_COMPILE`` is setup correctly as described in :ref:`Performing
an Initial Build`.
Next, similar to the |TF-A| approach, follow the instructions as described
in the `TF-A Tests Getting Started`_ for the pre-requisites.
At this point, we should be left with two directories, |TF-A| and |TF-A-Tests|.
.. code:: shell
tf-a-tests trusted-firmware-a
Getting the sources
The source code for |RME| is currently maintained as a branch in the |TF-A| git
repository hosted on ``_. To checkout this branch, execute the
following commands:
.. code:: shell
cd trusted-firmware-a
git checkout topics/rme_prototype
Similarly, checkout the appropriate branch for |TF-A-Tests|:
.. code:: shell
cd tf-a-tests
git checkout topics/rme_prototype
Building the sources
To build the |TF-A-Tests| source, follow the instructions to build for the
FVP as described in `Building TF-A Tests`_. An example command is shown below:
.. code:: shell
cd tf-a-tests
make PLAT=fvp DEBUG=1 USE_NVM=0 SHELL_COLOR=1 tftf
This should generate the tftf.bin binary which can be passed as BL33 while building |TF-A|.
Finally, to build |TF-A| execute the following commands:
.. code:: shell
cd trusted-firmware-a
make ARCH=aarch64 PLAT=fvp ARM_DISABLE_TRUSTED_WDOG=1 ENABLE_RME=1 DEBUG=1 BL33=../tf-a-tests/build/fvp/debug/tftf.bin FVP_HW_CONFIG_DTS=fdts/fvp-base-gicv3-psci-1t.dts all fip
This builds |TF-A| with |TF-A-Tests| as Normal world payload (BL33) and adds the
Test Realm payload (TRP) as BL32 image.
Executing on ARM |FVP|
In order to run on the FVP, please download an RME enabled FVP model through
`Arm FVP website`_ (expected availability by end of July 2021). Refer
:ref:`Arm Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP)` for details about running the model.
To launch the Armv-A Base RevC AEM FVP, execute the following command:
.. code:: shell
<path to fvp pkg>/models/Linux64_GCC-6.4/FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMvA \
-C bp.dram_size=2 \
-C bp.pl011_uart0.uart_enable=1 \
-C bp.pl011_uart1.uart_enable=1 \
-C bp.pl011_uart2.uart_enable=1 \
-C bp.refcounter.non_arch_start_at_default=1 \
-C bp.refcounter.use_real_time=0 \
-C bp.secure_memory=1 \
-C cache_state_modelled=1 \
-C cluster0.ecv_support_level=2 \
-C cluster1.ecv_support_level=2 \
-C cluster0.gicv3.cpuintf-mmap-access-level=2 \
-C cluster1.gicv3.cpuintf-mmap-access-level=2 \
-C cluster0.gicv4.mask-virtual-interrupt=1 \
-C cluster1.gicv4.mask-virtual-interrupt=1 \
-C cluster0.gicv3.without-DS-support=1 \
-C cluster1.gicv3.without-DS-support=1 \
-C cluster0.has_arm_v8-4=1 \
-C cluster1.has_arm_v8-4=1 \
-C cluster0.has_rme=1 \
-C cluster1.has_rme=1 \
-C cluster0.has_rndr=1 \
-C cluster1.has_rndr=1 \
-C cluster0.has_v8_7_pmu_extension=2 \
-C cluster1.has_v8_7_pmu_extension=2 \
-C cluster0.max_32bit_el=-1 \
-C cluster1.max_32bit_el=-1 \
-C cluster0.NUM_CORES=4 \
-C cluster1.NUM_CORES=4 \
-C cluster0.PA_SIZE=48 \
-C cluster1.PA_SIZE=48 \
-C bp.flashloader0.fname=<path to fip.bin> \
-C bp.secureflashloader.fname=<path to bl1.bin>
``<path to fvp pkg>``
* The directory that the FVP was untared into
``<path to fip.bin>``
* The fip.bin created during |TF-A| make
* For example: ``trusted-firmware-a/build/fvp/debug/fip.bin``
``<path to bl1.bin>``
* The bl1.bin created during |TF-A| make
* For example: ``trusted-firmware-a/build/fvp/debug/bl1.bin``
Test results are output to the window titled "FVP terminal_0" and the Test
Realm Payload logs are output to the window titled "FVP terminal_3.
Details of the |TF-A-Tests| for Realm world
The |TF-A-Tests| adds a new testsuite "Realm payload tests". This implements
a simple test payload which just initializes the memory and UART. The payload
also implements a handler which can respond to few RMI calls initiated
by the testsuite.
The log for the testsuite should appear as part of the results summary:
.. code-block:: shell
******************************* Summary *******************************
> Test suite 'Realm payload tests' Passed
Known limitations of the prototype
This is a prototype to bootstrap TF-A on an RME enabled FVP. It replaces the
secure world payload with Realm world binary. The Granule protection table (GPT)
initialization sequence is a work in progress (although functional).
*Copyright (c) 2021, Arm Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.*
.. _Arm FVP website:
.. _TF-A Tests:
.. _TF-A Tests Getting Started:
.. _Building TF-A Tests: