1. faf3d29 [Autotest] Forcing USB printer cleanup on platform_printjob by Derek Beckett · 9 hours ago master
  2. 37bf802 Add arm64 to generate_controlfiles by Jiyoun Ha · 9 hours ago
  3. edae081 autotest: Fix screen rotation of chart tablet in camerabox setup by Kuo Jen Wei · 12 hours ago
  4. 0e95a4c Check for post-update notification in autoupdate_UpdateFromUI by Kyle Shimabukuro · 14 hours ago
  5. 8ea5467 tests: Drop unsupported directive by Prathmesh Prabhu · 17 hours ago
  6. e90871b bluetooth: Add battery reporting test by Sonny Sasaka · 21 hours ago
  7. 60b7116 [Autotest] Adding specific AU tests to Tauto framework CQ by Derek Beckett · 22 hours ago
  8. 6b7cc0f [COIL][Autotest] Replacing nonn-inclusive terms in server/cros/* by Derek Beckett · 24 hours ago
  9. 617b092 chrome_cr50: fix formatting by Mary Ruthven · 25 hours ago
  10. fbb0dd8 chrome_cr50: modify STARTUP_REGEX by Mary Ruthven · 25 hours ago
  11. 515cf87 Bluetooth: Skip new adv suspend peer test on known flaky platforms by Daniel Winkler · 26 hours ago
  12. 844f0be Bluetooth: Skip Nearby advertising test on low kernels by Daniel Winkler · 26 hours ago
  13. 940098a Revert "Move try catch statement in a cleanup() method" by Prasanthi Gangishetty · 27 hours ago
  14. d0a4ed4 power_dashboard: Add link to power dashboard in power_log.html by Puthikorn Voravootivat · 2 days ago
  15. 3c3c78c Autotest: remove network_WiFi_CSA from suite:wificell-cq. by Shuo-Peng Liao · 2 days ago
  16. c972a2a Revert "Check for post-update notification in autoupdate_UpdateFromUI" by Kyle Shimabukuro · 2 days ago
  17. 1eb2ec4 cheets_CTS/GTS: Uprev the default version of single test runner. by Kazuhiro Inaba · 2 days ago
  18. 94c40c2 deploy: Set HWID and serial_number of the DUT at deployment by Otabek Kasimov · 3 days ago
  19. db4ad8f bluetooth: Fix interleave scan test during active scan by Howard Chung · 5 days ago
  20. 804a7e5 cheets_GTS: Longer timelimit for GTS test collection. by Kazuhiro Inaba · 5 days ago
  21. 6f1afff Autotest: remove network_WiFi_CSA from suite:wifi_matfunc. by Shuo-Peng Liao · 5 days ago
  22. c0f4763 cros-disks: Remove deprecated autotests by Sergei Datsenko · 7 days ago
  23. da99401 autotest: Check servo-host by ping before check if it labstation. by Otabek Kasimov · 7 days ago
  24. 07c213c Check for post-update notification in autoupdate_UpdateFromUI by Kyle Shimabukuro · 7 days ago
  25. ec653eb autotest: Allow run USB repair action to use not fully good servo by Otabek Kasimov · 7 days ago
  26. da24411 crash: update comments for new crash name format. by Miriam Zimmerman · 7 days ago
  27. e47510a Tauto: Create tast.firmware-smoke control file by Greg Edelston · 7 days ago
  28. 2d6aefd platform_PrinterPpds: New tool for calculating a core of PPD database by Piotr Pawliczek · 7 days ago
  29. 4c02a44 Move try catch statement in a cleanup() method by Prasanthi GANGISHETTY · 7 days ago
  30. 5254bff bluetooth: Skip advmon suspend resume tests on known problemetic boards by Howard Chung · 7 days ago
  31. 3f16ce3 autotest: Remove graphics_Gralloc by Yusuke Sato · 7 days ago
  32. fdc9972 autotest policy_ExtensionAllowedTypes: fix test and reenable it. by Marc Grimme · 7 days ago
  33. 8c2ee93 Make multiple attempts to measure sbu voltage. by Gregory Nisbet · 7 days ago
  34. 15f5c47 cheets_CTS_R: Uprev to 6993973. by Kazuhiro Inaba · 7 days ago
  35. 6c8453c Add tast control file for camera-libcamera suite by Hanlin Chen · 7 days ago
  36. fd4baf7 When old_children is blank, mark servo_topology as successful. by Gregory Nisbet · 8 days ago
  37. d5065bd autotest: Find special cases detected by pwr_button by Otabek Kasimov · 8 days ago
  38. 79a6e1e autotest: remove reference to graphics_Gralloc by Yusuke Sato · 8 days ago
  39. 782e591 Promote two more AU tests to the CQ. by David Haddock · 8 days ago
  40. fbce6c0 job_directories: Add recursive check for results directories by Brigit Rossbach · 8 days ago
  41. ef7f97f FAFT: Cold reboot EC when clearing WP by Evan Green · 8 days ago
  42. 9fb2cee autotest: Split DUT connected verifier to focus repair actions by Otabek Kasimov · 8 days ago
  43. b61729d autotest: Collect info when DUT become not ping-able after init servo by Otabek Kasimov · 8 days ago
  44. 730b508 OWNERS: update to current test platform team by Sean Abraham · 8 days ago
  45. 8b8a579 bluetooth: Use system time instead of kernel time in interleave record by Howard Chung · 8 days ago
  46. 168323a autotest: Add suite and control file for WiFi roaming performance Tast tests by Wojciech Jakobczyk · 8 days ago
  47. f732e7a Revert "faft-cr50: move firmware_IntegratedU2F to experimental suite" by joe Chou · 8 days ago
  48. 6f94020 autotest: Re-flash servo_micro as repair action by Otabek Kasimov · 9 days ago
  49. 3963741 autotest: Init device-health-profile when init ServoHost by Otabek Kasimov · 9 days ago
  50. 480e7fa autotest: Split device health profile to load separate. by Otabek Kasimov · 9 days ago
  51. add5020 [AutoTests] Move cellular flaky tests to cellular_ota_flaky suite. by Dinesh Kumar Sunkara · 9 days ago
  52. 7203bdf bluetooth: Add Advertisement Monitor suspend/resume tests by Manish Mandlik · 9 days ago
  53. 07e6e13 bluetooth: Add Advertisement Monitor multi-client tests by Manish Mandlik · 9 days ago
  54. 5944e4c bluetooth: Add support for multiclient AdvMonitor tests by Manish Mandlik · 9 days ago
  55. 32318d2 bluetooth: Disable some suspend tests on Marvell by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 9 days ago
  56. 8a44fe0 Bluetooth: Add advertising test for 'broadcast' mode by Daniel Winkler · 9 days ago
  57. 16c9a10 autotest: List 2-mics skus of Vilboz360 by Yu-Hsuan Hsu · 9 days ago
  58. 86062d0 autotest: Request labstation reboot when DUT s not ssh-able. by Otabek Kasimov · 9 days ago
  59. c462ebf firmware_WriteProtectFunc: decouple from chromeos-firmwareupdate by Patrick Georgi · 11 days ago stabilize-rust-13613.B
  60. cfa9f0b faft: Allow creating temporary directories that survive a reboot by Patrick Georgi · 11 days ago
  61. 9653a40 graphics: TraceReplayExtended - add tast test arch suffix by Ryan Neph · 12 days ago
  62. 3e7d1b1 Modifying MAC address by Manikandan Jayapal · 12 days ago
  63. dd6ac13 PRESUBMIT.cfg: run presubmit.py checks more cleanly. by LaMont Jones · 12 days ago
  64. c5e0f0e cheets_CTS_R: Uprev to 6985045. by Kazuhiro Inaba · 13 days ago
  65. fd3329e servo_charger: increase Timeout for ssh communication by Ruben Rodriguez Buchillon · 13 days ago
  66. 1af7c44 [Cellular_Suites] Add tests to cellular_ota and cellular_ota_flaky by Dinesh Kumar Sunkara · 13 days ago
  67. 401c800 Slight speed-up for rlz_CheckPing (one less reboot) by Kyle Shimabukuro · 13 days ago
  68. 3ae8769 firmware_IntegratedU2F: Better timeout error handling for chaps init by Yi Chou · 13 days ago
  69. fe6c368 Fix policy_Arc* tests. by Sergey Poromov · 13 days ago
  70. 310af77 rpm_client: Collect hostname in rpm failure metrics by Garry Wang · 13 days ago
  71. e61fa53 autotest: Fix wake up from suspend logging by Abhishek Kumar · 13 days ago
  72. f108005 network_WiFi_ConnectOnResume: delete by Brian Norris · 13 days ago
  73. 10e4c06 [Autotest] Removing html_report creation from test runs. by Derek Beckett · 13 days ago
  74. e82a3b9 [autotest]: Fix issue in cts test_suite control. by Keith Haddow · 13 days ago
  75. 6889a59 power_VideoPlayback: create means to run individual codec/res/fps. by Todd Broch · 14 days ago
  76. cfc4547 power_test: calculate minutes battery life. by Todd Broch · 14 days ago
  77. 22c47dc Bluetooth: Fix presubmit warning in gatt_client_util.py by Howard Chung · 14 days ago
  78. fd883c2 Bluetooth: Check Includes and Battery Service in GATT client test by Howard Chung · 14 days ago
  79. a095332 FAFT: Updated BIOS tests to use common AP write protect function by Brent Peterson · 14 days ago
  80. 243e7d6 FAFT: Added common function to base FirmwareTest class to modify AP WP by Brent Peterson · 14 days ago
  81. 72ae59a autotest: Re-image USB if repair did not recovered the DUT by Otabek Kasimov · 14 days ago
  82. 0b0a653 autotest: Add delay before check servo topology by Otabek Kasimov · 14 days ago
  83. e366232 [autotest]:Removed modem specific autotest control files by Srikanth Oruganti · 14 days ago
  84. a75a9cd autoupdate_StatefulCompatibility: Pass ignore-appid flag to Nebraska by Kyle Shimabukuro · 14 days ago
  85. 678da8b autotest: Set fwstatus as trigger for re-imaging the DUT. by Otabek Kasimov · 2 weeks ago
  86. 208003c mode_switcher: Limit checking VBUS and PD state by Dawid Niedzwiecki · 2 weeks ago
  87. 482767b firmware_test: poll for partition sysfs node by Kevin Shelton · 2 weeks ago
  88. 460a9bb mode_switcher: Change the sequence of booting to rec by Dawid Niedzwiecki · 2 weeks ago
  89. 332d4d8 graphics: Fix TraceReplayExtended thread init flake by Ryan Neph · 2 weeks ago
  90. 7eca578 Bluetooth: Disable reboot standalone test as persistence is flaky by Daniel Winkler · 2 weeks ago firmware-dedede-13606.B
  91. e449151 crash: Update log messages for new consent checks. by Miriam Zimmerman · 2 weeks ago
  92. 6ee52df Bluetooth: Mark connection number in pairing test by Daniel Winkler · 2 weeks ago
  93. 33b0044 bluetooth: Fix TestNA logic in wait_for_resume by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 2 weeks ago
  94. 97dd222 bluetooth: Make TestNA override failures by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 2 weeks ago
  95. e844461 bluetooth: Power down Bluetooth peers when test ends by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 2 weeks ago
  96. f61f1a3 Bluetooth: Add suspend/resume peer advertising test by Daniel Winkler · 2 weeks ago
  97. 79aed9b site_utils: Remove unused functions/methods by Greg Edelston · 2 weeks ago
  98. f6cbdd5a mode_switcher: Fix checking servo role by Dawid Niedzwiecki · 2 weeks ago stabilize-13605.B
  99. b9cdfe4 [autotest]: Fix issue in cts_P test_suite control. by Keith Haddow · 2 weeks ago
  100. 70f8420 bluetooth: Rename TurnOff to AdapterPowerOff by Howard Chung · 2 weeks ago