CHROMIUM: supports a new dbus method ResetAdvertising

This patch supports a new dbus method ResetAdvertising which
removes all existing advertisements and resets the advertising
intervals to default. Note that advertising would be disabled
when the last advertisement is removed.

TEST=Perform the following steps on a DUT.
On a terminal, use btmon to monitor the logs.
$ btmon

On another terminal, execute the following steps:
1. Copy example-advertisement to the DUT, and
   run the command on the DUT.
   $ ./example-advertisement &

2. Copy example-advertising-intervals to the DUT and
   run the command on the DUT.
   $ ./example-advertising-intervals --set 200 200

3. On another machine, use hcitool to observe advertising packets of the DUT.
   $ sudo hcitool lescan

4. Reset advertising on the DUT.
   $ ./example-advertising-intervals --reset
   Observe that advertisements are removed in the btmon log and
   advertising is disabled.

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