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# Copyright (C) 2014 Broadcom Corporation
The program downloads firmware file over UART for Broadcom Bluetooth chipset.
The patchram included in this path is a generic firmware for BCM4354 chipset.
This module builds brcm_patchram_plus which uses the serial port to download
the firmware, chip initialization and configuration. Once the chip is
configured, brcm_patchram_plus will map the serial port to HCI and
register as a HCI interface.
The following are some important parameters to configure brcm_patchram_plus :
-d : Enables debug logs for brcm_patchram_plus
--enable_lpm : Enables LPM mode
--enable_bt_rfkill : Will use BT RFKILL interface to toggle BT power
To configure brcm_patchram_plus, the parameters should be changed in
brcm_bt.conf script.
A sample brcm_bt.conf and default firmware file is also included in this
module. These conf file has be modified for every platform and a new firmware
file has to be added to the respective overlay-XXXX folder for every platform