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#ifndef __EXTENTS_H
#define __EXTENTS_H
#include "exfile.h"
/* Parses a string representation |ex_str| and populates an array |ex_arr|
* consisting of |*ex_count_p| extents. The string is expected to be a
* comma-separated list of pairs of the form "offset:length". An offset may be
* -1 or a non-negative integer; the former indicates a sparse extent
* (consisting of zeros). A length is a positive integer. If |ex_arr| is NULL,
* |*ex_count_p| is ignored and a new array is allocated based on the actual
* number of extents parsed. Upon success, returns a pointer to the populated
* array of extents and stores the actual number of extents at the location
* pointed to be |ex_count_p| (if provided). If the string parses correctly but
* the operation otherwise fails (allocation error, array too small), returns
* NULL but still store the number of parsed extents. Otherwise, returns NULL
* and does not store anything. If a new array was allocated, then it should be
* deallocated with free(3). */
ex_t *extents_parse(const char *ex_str, ex_t *ex_arr, size_t *ex_count_p);
#endif /* __EXTENTS_H */