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  1. 6ca5048 [analyzer][MallocChecker] Improve warning messages on double-delete errors by Kristof Umann · 38 minutes ago master
  2. 97361a2 [analyzer][MallocChecker][NFC] Document and reorganize some functions by Kristof Umann · 45 minutes ago
  3. 40dd9f3 [analyzer][NFC] Merge ClangCheckerRegistry to CheckerRegistry by Kristof Umann · 68 minutes ago
  4. ca78a20 Link examples/clang-interpreter against clangSerialization by Kristof Umann · 76 minutes ago
  5. 3092007 Fix a compilation error in examples/ by Kristof Umann · 2 hours ago
  6. 308797c [analyzer][NFC] Move CheckerRegistry from the Core directory to Frontend by Kristof Umann · 3 hours ago
  7. 8242d2a [analyzer] Prefer returns values to out-params in CheckerRegistry.cpp by Kristof Umann · 4 hours ago
  8. b1e9e90 [analyzer] Assume that we always have a SubEngine available by Gabor Horvath · 6 hours ago
  9. a674a04 [libclang] Add dependency on clangSerialization to unbreak -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=1 build after rC349237 by Fangrui Song · 10 hours ago
  10. 58231a6 [MinGW] Produce a vtable and RTTI for dllexported classes without a key function by Martin Storsjo · 11 hours ago
  11. fdb0118 Fix includes and dependencies for libclang by Richard Trieu · 15 hours ago
  12. 4bf3a53 Revert "[analyzer] MoveChecker: Add checks for dereferencing a smart pointer..." by Artem Dergachev · 16 hours ago
  13. cbd56c7 Move static analyzer core diagnostics to common. by Richard Trieu · 17 hours ago
  14. e1138b8 [analyzer] Fix unknown block calls to have zero parameters. by Artem Dergachev · 17 hours ago
  15. 2b29b69 [analyzer] ObjCDealloc: Fix a crash when a class attempts to deallocate a class. by Artem Dergachev · 17 hours ago
  16. 3f894f4 [analyzer] ObjCContainers: Track index values. by Artem Dergachev · 17 hours ago
  17. ccef7bd [analyzer] MoveChecker: Add checks for dereferencing a smart pointer after move. by Artem Dergachev · 17 hours ago
  18. 1fa6f0a [analyzer] MoveChecker: NFC: De-duplicate a few checks. by Artem Dergachev · 17 hours ago
  19. 64edf23 Mangle calling conventions into function pointer types where GCC does by Reid Kleckner · 20 hours ago
  20. dbc2921 Add AddressSpace mangling to MS mode by Erich Keane · 20 hours ago