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  1. b997435 Reverting r316278 due to failing build bots. by Aaron Ballman · 7 hours ago master
  2. d02b8c6 [libclang, bindings]: add spelling location by Masud Rahman · 8 hours ago
  3. 59611f5 Fix a typo with -fno-double-square-bracket-attributes and add a test to demonstrate that it works as expected in C++11 mode. Additionally corrected the handling of -fdouble-square-bracket-attributes to be properly passed down to the cc1 option. by Aaron Ballman · 8 hours ago
  4. caef702 Add release notes for the recent -fdouble-square-bracket-attributes and -fno-double-square-bracket-attributes compiler flags. by Aaron Ballman · 12 hours ago
  5. 7f6cbac [Sema] Fixes for enum handling for tautological comparison diagnostics by Roman Lebedev · 12 hours ago
  6. f8efbbb Fixing broken attribute documentation for __attribute__((noescape)); a code block was missing and the existing code block was missing a mandatory newline. by Aaron Ballman · 12 hours ago
  7. a6d3ef7 [bindings] allow null strings in Python 3 by Masud Rahman · 12 hours ago
  8. 3bddc26 Test commit by Masud Rahman · 12 hours ago
  9. 0e806a8 [CodeGen] add tests for __builtin_sqrt*; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 29 hours ago
  10. 4290aec [Analyzer] Correctly handle parameters passed by reference when bodyfarming std::call_once by George Karpenkov · 29 hours ago
  11. 7c9e1b2 Implement current CWG direction for support of arrays of unknown bounds in by Richard Smith · 30 hours ago
  12. d194f2a Revert "[OpenMP] Avoid VLAs for some reductions on array sections" by Jonas Hahnfeld · 32 hours ago
  13. f20a280 [OpenMP] Avoid VLAs for some reductions on array sections by Jonas Hahnfeld · 33 hours ago
  14. 44c160f Allow /showIncludes with /P by Erich Keane · 33 hours ago
  15. d6aede0 [clang-refactor] Add "-Inplace" option to the commandline tool. by Haojian Wu · 2 days ago
  16. a312801 [CodeGen] Fix generation of TBAA info for array-to-pointer conversions by Ivan A. Kosarev · 2 days ago
  17. f4502ab Basic: restore {,u}intptr_t on NetBSD/ARM by Saleem Abdulrasool · 2 days ago
  18. 53df1a5 Revert r316193. by Richard Smith · 2 days ago
  19. cc28d36 Try to shorten system header paths when using -MD depfiles by Peter Wu · 2 days ago
  20. 22b25a6 These attributes are not supported by GCC and should not be in the gnu namespace. Switching from the GCC spelling to the GNU spelling so that they are only supported with __attribute__(()). by Aaron Ballman · 2 days ago