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// Copyright 2018 The Clspv Authors. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// This translation unit defines all Clspv command line option variables.
#include "llvm/PassRegistry.h"
#include "llvm/Support/CommandLine.h"
#include "Passes.h"
#include "clspv/Option.h"
namespace {
inline_entry_points("inline-entry-points", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Exhaustively inline entry points."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> no_inline_single_call_site(
"no-inline-single", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Disable inlining functions with single call sites."));
// Should the compiler try to use direct resource accesses within helper
// functions instead of passing pointers via function arguments?
llvm::cl::opt<bool> no_direct_resource_access(
"no-dra", llvm::cl::init(false),
"No Direct Resource Access: Avoid rewriting helper functions "
"to access resources directly instead of by pointers "
"in function arguments. Affects kernel arguments of type "
"pointer-to-global, pointer-to-constant, image, and sampler."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> no_share_module_scope_variables(
"no-smsv", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("No Share Module Scope Variables: Avoid de-duplicating "
"module scope variables."));
// By default, reuse the same descriptor set number for all arguments.
// To turn that off, use -distinct-kernel-descriptor-sets
llvm::cl::opt<bool> distinct_kernel_descriptor_sets(
"distinct-kernel-descriptor-sets", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Each kernel uses its own descriptor set for its arguments. "
"Turns off direct-resource-access optimizations."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> hack_initializers(
"hack-initializers", llvm::cl::init(false),
"At the start of each kernel, explicitly write the initializer "
"value for a compiler-generated variable containing the workgroup "
"size. Required by some drivers to make the get_global_size builtin "
"function work when used with non-constant dimension index."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> hack_dis(
"hack-dis", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Force use of a distinct image or sampler variable for each "
"image or sampler kernel argument. This prevents sharing "
"of resource variables."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> hack_inserts(
"hack-inserts", llvm::cl::init(false),
"Avoid all single-index OpCompositInsert instructions "
"into struct types by using complete composite construction and "
llvm::cl::opt<bool> hack_signed_compare_fixup(
"hack-scf", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Rewrite signed integer comparisons to use other kinds of "
// Some drivers don't like to see constant composite values constructed
// from scalar Undef values. Replace numeric scalar and vector Undef with
// corresponding OpConstantNull. We need to keep Undef for image values,
// for example. In the LLVM domain, image values are passed as pointer to
// struct.
// See
llvm::cl::opt<bool> hack_undef(
"hack-undef", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Use OpConstantNull instead of OpUndef for floating point, "
"integer, or vectors of them"));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> hack_phis(
"hack-phis", llvm::cl::init(false),
"Scalarize phi instructions of struct type before code generation"));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> hack_block_order(
"hack-block-order", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Order basic blocks using structured order"));
pod_ubo("pod-ubo", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("POD kernel arguments are in uniform buffers"));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> pod_pushconstant(
llvm::cl::desc("POD kernel arguments are in the push constant interface"),
llvm::cl::opt<bool> module_constants_in_storage_buffer(
"module-constants-in-storage-buffer", llvm::cl::init(false),
"Module-scope __constants are collected into a single storage buffer. "
"The binding and initialization data are reported in the descriptor "
llvm::cl::opt<bool> show_ids("show-ids", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Show SPIR-V IDs for functions"));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> constant_args_in_uniform_buffer(
"constant-args-ubo", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Put pointer-to-constant kernel args in UBOs."));
// Default to 64kB.
llvm::cl::opt<int> maximum_ubo_size(
"max-ubo-size", llvm::cl::init(64 << 10),
llvm::cl::desc("Specify the maximum UBO array size in bytes."));
llvm::cl::opt<int> maximum_pushconstant_size(
"max-pushconstant-size", llvm::cl::init(128),
"Specify the maximum push constant interface size in bytes."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> relaxed_ubo_layout(
llvm::cl::desc("Allow UBO layouts, that do not satisfy the restriction "
"that ArrayStride is a multiple of array alignment. This "
"does not generate valid SPIR-V for the Vulkan environment; "
"however, some drivers may accept it."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> std430_ubo_layout(
"std430-ubo-layout", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Allow UBO layouts that conform to std430 (SSBO) layout "
"requirements. This does not generate valid SPIR-V for the "
"Vulkan environment; however, some drivers may accept it."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> keep_unused_arguments(
"keep-unused-arguments", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Do not remove unused non-kernel function arguments."));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> int8_support("int8", llvm::cl::init(true),
llvm::cl::desc("Allow 8-bit integers"));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> long_vector_support(
"long-vector", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Allow vectors of 8 and 16 elements. Experimental"));
llvm::cl::opt<bool> cl_arm_non_uniform_work_group_size(
"cl-arm-non-uniform-work-group-size", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Enable the cl_arm_non_uniform_work_group_size extension."));
llvm::cl::opt<clspv::Option::SourceLanguage> cl_std(
"cl-std", llvm::cl::desc("Select OpenCL standard"),
"CL1.0", "OpenCL C 1.0"),
"CL1.1", "OpenCL C 1.1"),
"CL1.2", "OpenCL C 1.2"),
"CL2.0", "OpenCL C 2.0"),
"CL3.0", "OpenCL C 3.0"),
"CLC++", "C++ for OpenCL")));
llvm::cl::opt<clspv::Option::SPIRVVersion> spv_version(
"spv-version", llvm::cl::desc("Specify the SPIR-V binary version"),
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::SPIRVVersion::SPIRV_1_0, "1.0",
"SPIR-V version 1.0 (Vulkan 1.0)"),
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::SPIRVVersion::SPIRV_1_3, "1.3",
"SPIR-V version 1.3 (Vulkan 1.1). Experimental"),
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::SPIRVVersion::SPIRV_1_4, "1.4",
"SPIR-V version 1.4 (Vulkan 1.1). Experimental"),
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::SPIRVVersion::SPIRV_1_5, "1.5",
"SPIR-V version 1.5 (Vulkan 1.2). Experimental")));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool> images("images", llvm::cl::init(true),
llvm::cl::desc("Enable support for images"));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool>
scalar_block_layout("scalar-block-layout", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Assume VK_EXT_scalar_block_layout"));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool> work_dim(
"work-dim", llvm::cl::init(true),
llvm::cl::desc("Enable support for get_work_dim() built-in function"));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool>
global_offset("global-offset", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Enable support for global offsets"));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool> global_offset_push_constant(
"global-offset-push-constant", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Enable support for global offsets in push constants"));
static bool use_sampler_map = false;
static llvm::cl::opt<bool> cluster_non_pointer_kernel_args(
"cluster-pod-kernel-args", llvm::cl::init(true),
llvm::cl::desc("Collect plain-old-data kernel arguments into a struct in "
"a single storage buffer, using a binding number after "
"other arguments. Use this to reduce storage buffer "
static llvm::cl::list<clspv::Option::StorageClass> no_16bit_storage(
llvm::cl::desc("Disable fine-grained 16-bit storage capabilities."),
llvm::cl::Prefix, llvm::cl::CommaSeparated, llvm::cl::ZeroOrMore,
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::StorageClass::kSSBO, "ssbo",
"Disallow 16-bit types in SSBO interfaces"),
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::StorageClass::kUBO, "ubo",
"Disallow 16-bit types in UBO interfaces"),
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::StorageClass::kPushConstant, "pushconstant",
"Disallow 16-bit types in push constant interfaces")));
static llvm::cl::list<clspv::Option::StorageClass> no_8bit_storage(
llvm::cl::desc("Disable fine-grained 8-bit storage capabilities."),
llvm::cl::Prefix, llvm::cl::CommaSeparated, llvm::cl::ZeroOrMore,
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::StorageClass::kSSBO, "ssbo",
"Disallow 8-bit types in SSBO interfaces"),
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::StorageClass::kUBO, "ubo",
"Disallow 8-bit types in UBO interfaces"),
clEnumValN(clspv::Option::StorageClass::kPushConstant, "pushconstant",
"Disallow 8-bit types in push constant interfaces")));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool> cl_native_math(
"cl-native-math", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Perform all math as fast as possible. This option does not "
"guarantee that OpenCL precision bounds are maintained. "
"Implies -cl-fast-relaxed-math."));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool>
fp16("fp16", llvm::cl::init(true),
llvm::cl::desc("Enable support for cl_khr_fp16."));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool>
fp64("fp64", llvm::cl::init(true),
"Enable support for FP64 (cl_khr_fp64 and/or __opencl_c_fp64)."));
static llvm::cl::opt<bool> uniform_workgroup_size(
"uniform-workgroup-size", llvm::cl::init(false),
llvm::cl::desc("Assume all workgroups are uniformly sized."));
} // namespace
namespace clspv {
namespace Option {
bool InlineEntryPoints() { return inline_entry_points; }
bool InlineSingleCallSite() { return !no_inline_single_call_site; }
bool DirectResourceAccess() {
return !(no_direct_resource_access || distinct_kernel_descriptor_sets);
bool ShareModuleScopeVariables() { return !no_share_module_scope_variables; }
bool DistinctKernelDescriptorSets() { return distinct_kernel_descriptor_sets; }
bool HackDistinctImageSampler() { return hack_dis; }
bool HackInitializers() { return hack_initializers; }
bool HackInserts() { return hack_inserts; }
bool HackSignedCompareFixup() { return hack_signed_compare_fixup; }
bool HackUndef() { return hack_undef; }
bool HackPhis() { return hack_phis; }
bool HackBlockOrder() { return hack_block_order; }
bool ModuleConstantsInStorageBuffer() {
return module_constants_in_storage_buffer;
bool PodArgsInUniformBuffer() { return pod_ubo; }
bool PodArgsInPushConstants() { return pod_pushconstant; }
bool ShowIDs() { return show_ids; }
bool ConstantArgsInUniformBuffer() { return constant_args_in_uniform_buffer; }
uint64_t MaxUniformBufferSize() { return maximum_ubo_size; }
uint32_t MaxPushConstantsSize() { return maximum_pushconstant_size; }
bool RelaxedUniformBufferLayout() { return relaxed_ubo_layout; }
bool Std430UniformBufferLayout() { return std430_ubo_layout; }
bool KeepUnusedArguments() { return keep_unused_arguments; }
bool Int8Support() { return int8_support; }
bool LongVectorSupport() { return long_vector_support; }
bool ImageSupport() { return images; }
bool UseSamplerMap() { return use_sampler_map; }
void SetUseSamplerMap(bool use) { use_sampler_map = use; }
SourceLanguage Language() { return cl_std; }
SPIRVVersion SpvVersion() { return spv_version; }
bool ScalarBlockLayout() { return scalar_block_layout; }
bool WorkDim() { return work_dim; }
bool GlobalOffset() { return global_offset; }
bool GlobalOffsetPushConstant() { return global_offset_push_constant; }
bool NonUniformNDRangeSupported() {
return ((Language() == SourceLanguage::OpenCL_CPP) ||
(Language() == SourceLanguage::OpenCL_C_20) ||
(Language() == SourceLanguage::OpenCL_C_30) ||
ArmNonUniformWorkGroupSize()) &&
bool ClusterPodKernelArgs() { return cluster_non_pointer_kernel_args; }
bool Supports16BitStorageClass(StorageClass sc) {
// -no-16bit-storage removes storage capabilities.
for (auto storage_class : no_16bit_storage) {
if (storage_class == sc)
return false;
return true;
bool Supports8BitStorageClass(StorageClass sc) {
// -no-8bit-storage removes storage capabilities.
for (auto storage_class : no_8bit_storage) {
if (storage_class == sc)
return false;
return true;
bool NativeMath() { return cl_native_math; }
bool FP16() { return fp16; }
bool FP64() { return fp64; }
bool ArmNonUniformWorkGroupSize() { return cl_arm_non_uniform_work_group_size; }
bool UniformWorkgroupSize() { return uniform_workgroup_size; }
} // namespace Option
} // namespace clspv